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  • LittleWoman - Better late than never!I am typing this review with my 2 pointer fingers only. "Why would you not use all of your fingers to type?" one might ask. Sadly, these 2 digits are all I have left after years and years of banana slicing incidents. The first time I sliced off my ring finger slicing up a perfectly ripened Chiquita about 10 years ago. It sure was putting p a fight, that slippery little sucker. And in the blink of an eye, my sweet yellow delicacy was covered in my own blood. The ER doc said there wasn't anything that could be done since I'd waited too long to get to the hospital. I tried explaining that I had to at least eat the banana...given the upset it had caused me. He didn't seem to understand- but I'm sure you, m fellow 'naner overs, will!

    Since that day, I've had 7 other incidents.... but that won't keep me from enjoying those organic Chiquita's that are oh so tasty! I've been willing to risk these last 2 digits and remain true to my passion for vine fresh yellows, but now with the help f my trustee 571 Banana Slicer, I can eat my bananas and keep my fingers too!! A one time Atheist, I now do believe..this banana slicer is nothing short of a gift from above!!!
  • WJK "WJ Kenn" - SURPRISE! This also Dry Eye ReliefI have used this (5% only) about two months. My Dr told me it would take 4 months for this to show results, I have yet to see hair growth...BUT...
    I never forget to put it on two times a day. Why? I have an extreme case of DRY EYE with eye pain. The first time I used it, within seconds, my eyes felt a little bit better. I thought it was my imagination..however....each time I use it my eyes are better. I now have a marked reduction in the eye pain and friends say my eyes are open wider. I also use Restasis and other eye drops but they didn't help in a real relief and the combination of these products have made a big difference in my life of eye pain. If you have a similar problem, it is worth a try. (It is important to know harmons play a part, the estrogen patch is a big plus with this treatment versus the Premarin by mouth)