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  • juan j - COOL ANTIVIRUS.....!!!! (phoenix,az)well i have this product on my dell desktop with windows vista home edition and i am pleased with the product . i have wireless router so i dont notice any slow downs or anything . i have done research on 4 different antivirus review sites and is in the top yes am satisfied with this product . when the year is up i will purchase again...
  • C. Bassett "slkdjf" - It worked for meI have had a lot of digestion problems all of my life. Decades of useless doctor appointments, severe stomach aches, special diet from doctor. After a few weeks on Align my mystery symptoms of fatigue, stomach pain, gas, constipation/diarrhea, and did I say fatigue went down by about 80%. I'm almost like a normal person, which is awesome because I've always felt so incapable and weak.

    I am very cautious about saying something has cured symptoms that seemingly have no connection to a product, but I have been on a special diet from the doctor with high amounts of protein, fiber, etc. for a long time, to deal with the fact that I wasn't getting the iron, protein, and calcium from a normal diet. I was so tired and dizzy all the time. After a few weeks on this product, my decades long dizzyness and fatigue is just about gone. My dizzy spells are completely gone, and I now only get tired when one would think someone would get tired - late afternoon. I used to be tired all the time. ALL the time. I used to feel an overall weakness in my hands, body, slumped posture from the weakness, as if I could barely stand up. That's all gone now.

    The only thing that I can figure is that my digestion was so poor that it prevented my body from getting the nutrients from my food,and now that my digestive system is back to the way "nature intended" I'm like a normal person. If you have the same symptoms, if I were you, this is one of those things I would just try and see if it helps you. I'm so glad my doctor gave me a sample of this.
  • Viviana Ortiz - Wow *Happy Dance*I wanted to read Insurgent so bad after finishing with Divergent. Roth did not disappoint with the sequel. Well-written. I love that Insurgent begins right were Divergent left off. I definitely love this book with the action and turns and twist. The characters were more developed making it a much interesting story. The introduction to new characters( Erudite members) was so interesting. The ending left me wanting more, come on, a secrets revealed at the final half of the book, then the final secret was amazing, just Wow. Love it, Veronica Roth really knows how to leave the reader wanting more. Allegiant were I come. 5 can get enough of Four Stars.
  • Theresa M. Calvert Novak - Good CoverageThis foundation provides surprisingly good coverage. It covers acne better than many liquid foundations. It is easy to apply using the techniques shown on the Bare Minerals website if you have the special brushes that Bare Minerals sells. Being a powder, it is a little messy. I recommend putting a facial tissue under the jar before you open it. The tissue will help catch the excess powder that ends up on the table.

    The foundation feels light and natural on your face. There is a hint of pearl in the formula so that you get a slightly dew-y look. This can be covered with any regular powder if you don't like it.

    Since you don't need a lot, the jar will last a few months. You can mix different shades to match your exact skin tone, or to change the color to match your skin tone in summer and winter.