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  • Michelle - Totally made breastfeeding easier.One of the greatest technological advances since the invention of the toilet seat, the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer does everything. It slices, and it slices. If I knew about it before 1993, I would have so sent one to Lorena Bobbitt (because of her popular banana fascination).

    Now my slicer that I received is haunted by a semi-famous, dead banana. William, the banana, was a personal friend of the California Raisins. He claims he died by the hands of the Hutzler 571 and then was eaten by a ravenous 3 year old in a bowl of cheerios while the Fresh Beats were singing in the background, "Let's Go Bananas." He says if the Hutzler hadn't killed him, the irony would have.
  • Rock Fan - Hopefully this is it...!I just finished a 5 month run with some prescription meds for pattern baldness - couldn't see a result $500 later. After a lot of research and review reading - hoping that this is it. Very inexpensive treatment - worth the try...
  • ANN "AnzReview" - Do you want to end Family Violence? Must Read this Book."It could happen to anyone." Think about the violence you may experience at work. Think about the violence you may experience in your relationships. Are you ready to learn? Are you ready to really practice empathetic listening? Are you ready to open your thinking about violence and consider how it has been formed by society cultural media information. Are you capable? We all must recognize that we have to keep learning. What is your contribution to build safe, supportive families? What is your contribution to envision a new culture that condemns the use of violence? If you really think about it, every negative and critical review posted against this book is proof that violence is still alive and pervasive in our society. For some reason, society is emotionally addicted to the lethal chemical energetic bonds of violence. Unless you change the way you see, things will never change. You have to change your point of view, change how you see it, before you can change. Have courage. Change your point of view about violence. Be the change you want to see. This book contains extraordinary information that will help you to change your erroneous views about violence. Violence can happen to anyone, even to you.
  • Lisa Spaulding - I wish I ordered sooner!Best thing invented! I ordered it for my 15 month old daughter! High chairs are so bulky and she is away from table. My friend had something similar so I found this and perfect, I have brought with me to restaurants and mostly use at hone! Not a bad price. Shipping was normal. Tracking info was updated right away! Thanks!