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  • Robert Plant - Great AlbumFor all you Syd loving, Waters hating retro closed minded people, you are ignorant. Pink Floyd made their best music with Waters at the helm, not Syd. (yes I have listened to Piper, blah blah). The Wall, like many others have said is a concept album. Don't expect to pick this up and have a radio single for every track. Even though there are a few (Comfortably Numb, Hey You, Another Brick in the Wall Pt2) It is best listened to straight through as you probably already know. Anyone who appreciates music should have this in their collection.
  • Hipstr62 - Transform your Prime-al instincts!The Asus Transformer Prime is absolutely amazing! I never used to play games...however, with Nvidia' s new games specially developed for the Tegra 3 abilities, gaming has been taken to a whole new level and I find myself being drawn into playing more each day. The Quadcore processor is amazing and the most complex games play liquid smooth (as in Puddle). Of course, gaming isn't everything and few people buy a tablet just to play games. The ATP is also ultra thin and amazingly lightweight. The resilient Gorilla Glass is great for my ten grandchildren who love this tablet far more than Uncle Brian's iPad! It takes abuse in stride and has not shown one iota of wear. The battery life is excellent...the kids disappear with this thing to play games in the morning and I don't see them till evening and the battery is still good!

    I look forward to getting the keyboard and making this a true "Transformer" in the near future...and, that's probably my only gripe! For the price I paid for this tablet, the keyboard should be included!
  • Skylark Thibedeau - Keep out the bad GuysI have used just about all of the anti-viral/anti-spam software from Norton to Titanium to PCillian and others. McAfee Total Protection 2012 is as good as the well known programs and far exceeds the low cost ones.

    The Software was easy to installon the three computers in my home network and has kept them virus free. The anti Spam/Antiphishing software seems adequate. It asks if I'm sure I want to load most of the games I play requiring access to my system before it allows the access.

    I have found it to be a safe and secure alternative to its bigger Brandnamed Compeitition.
  • Agnieszka K. Wooters "AgsWoo" - Great great product!I got my Kindle for Christmas. So far I love it. Fantastic product! I ride the bus to/from work and my 30 minutes are spent reading on Kindle. No messy papers that are difficult to manage on the bus or in bed for that matter. I am a quick reader so I tend to go through books rather quickly and am impatient for them to arrive in the mail from, the library is usually out of what I want to read so this is total instant gratification, I think of a a book and PUFF it appears on Kindle. LOVE IT! Thank you for this product.