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  • orion0117 - Microsoft broke the cycleI'll admit I don't mind adapting to change, but I don't find much change going from 7 to 8.

    7 was a very good OS. I guess I never minded the start menu, because that's just how windows always was.

    Back in November 2012, I picked up Win 8 Pro upgrade at the special price of 39.99, along with a new hard drive. I installed the OS on the new hard drive, mostly to tinker and see what all the hubbub was. Not too impressed, it was TOO DIFFERENT...or so I thought.

    I noticed how much faster my PC booted. But what are these clumsy tiles, where's my desktop and WHERE IS THE START BUTTON? AAAAHHHHH!!

    Where's notepad? Hit windows key + F apps type n o t hit enter, notepad launces on the desktop. OOOH I can also right click notepad in the search results and hit 'pin to start'. Now if I hit the windows key, notepad appears as a tile(errr...improved start menu) and I can click it, bam...notepad launches on the desktop.

    I miss having to click start, programs, accessories, notepad. Every time I want notepad. I have time on my hands I could use to go through endless menus! I could also put a notepad shortcut on the desktop, but that's too counterproductive whether a user of win 98 or 8.

    I have since purchased 2 new Surface Pro's with 8 Pro and upgraded my primary work PC to win 8.

    For installation avoid popping the disk in and upgrading your PC with all your files at risk. I understand not everyone has the means to follow this preferred process, but here's how to install Windows 8 Pro UPGRADE.

    When you buy your shiny new copy of windows, pick up a new hard drive along with it. Unplug your old hard drive, plug in the new one. Get your old OS disk and install it. In my case, I had an extra copy of Vista Business I never used.

    Now is the time to install Win 8. Choose advanced install options and DELETE the partition where the temporary install of your old OS is. Now Win 8 will install clean, avoiding the upgrade blues.

    Really can't get into windows 8? Take out the new hard drive, plug in your old one and boot back to that comfortable old windows ME.

    Gonna stick it out and move with the wave of the future? You may ask where are all my files? Plug your old hard drive back in and copy the files to your new drive. Once you get everything copied, format your old hard drive and now you have more storage. Have a laptop or only space for one hard drive? Pick up a USB hard drive enclosure for $4.99.

    If you do decide to chug through 8's massive(exaggerated)learning curve, you'll experience much faster boot time, improved memory management, and if you really try, you'll be more productive from not having to navigate the start menu over and over and over and over!

    OH yeah how do I turn my PC off now? I used to have to hit start -> shut down -> shut down but now I don't have a start button.

    Wait for it...hit the physical power button on the PC, and powering down is now a one step process!

    Signing OFF!
  • B. Mcpherson - DO NOT expect FAST hair removal - but does work!I purchased the pink No NO 8800 model as I have been looking for a miracle hair removal system for my face for years. I've had it lasered twice, still having problems. Doctors said it was hormones and nothing I could really do about it but laser - that's way expensive and isn't really working for me, so in comes the No No! I was thrilled to see it and couldn't wait to order one. If it worked as it said, it would be the answer to my prayers. After ordering I read reviews and worried about making a mistake - I didn't. Here are the keys to this item:
    1. Charge over night - don't cheat on this one!
    2. It takes TIME and PATIENCE! You will not see smooth skin the first few times you use the NO NO. I started on my forearms before using on my face to make sure I knew what I was doing. It took about 6 - 30 minutes sessions (total for both arms) to really get a "no hair" apparearance. But it did work!
    3. For me, buffing with the crystalized buffer is a "no no". I have used one before and it breaks me out - so what I have found successful is to do a treatment and then wash with a mild soap, then moisturize. You can find what works for you.
    4. I'm not sure about the lotion - I don't really care for the fragrance and found that my Baby Philosophy lotion works very well.
    5. Have done two sessions on my face and am happy with the results so far. It took some practice to get around the chin and I did notice a slight "zap" and puff of smoke when it hit a thicker hair - positives in my opinion!
    6. Clean the blade wire often - use the brush or blow it out with your breath.

    I have not experienced any pain, burns, rashes, or problems with the wires. I have used the product for almost 2 weeks - about 6 sessions on arms, 2 on legs and face, blade still working fine.

    IF the product continues to work well and IF I see that my hair is not growing back after continued use for a couple of months I will be the most vocal proponent of this device on the planet!

    Not a 5 star rating because it is not a quick hair removal process and wish they'd include at least one replacement blade for the money!
    Prepare for burnt hair smell - I do it outside or make sure my husband isn't home, then shower and lotion. So far I'm satisfied with the purchase.
    WOW - it's been 4 weeks, my arms appear hair free, my legs, well, I shaved 4 days ago after using my NONO for 2 weeks on them, they feel smooth - maybe a little peach fuzz, but nothing like it use to! I think after I complete 6 weeks, they will be smooth and fabulous. And customer service was awesome today! My NONO's little o'ring that runs the roller had come off (probably user error)and customer service said they would send a new one out right away and have the old one picked up at no cost to me! This thing is fantastic - won't be without it!!
  • Ingrid Baade - Tells you the things you should be telling yourselfThe author is spot on in that we know what we like in video when we see it, but to create the same is not necessarily intuitive. I find it is easy to get side tracked with effects; How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck reminds you that there's a limited time and a limited place for fancy titles, transitions and so on, and that the aim is always to create compelling video.
  • Josh Schmiedchen - Canon EF-S 10-22mm Takes Amazing PicsI recently bought this lens to add to my collection of lens with my Canon Rebel T2i DSLR. It takes amazing pictures in close quarter areas. This lens worked perfect for taking pictures of New York City. I was able to capture great shots of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, etc. It's also great for taking pictures of rooms such as an office or any room in a house where a regular 18-55mm or even standard 50mm lens wouldn't help. It's well constructed unlike a lot of the kit lenses out there and is a tad heavy but not that bad. I would recommend this lens to anyone who wants to take a lot of scenic panoramic shots also, I got some amazing shots of the Brooklyn Bridge while out on a boat cruise in the harbor.