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  • Olivia Palfreyman - Great for casual coffee drinkers!My husband and I only drink a cup of coffee every other day or so. This only makes one cup at a time, so on mornings where we both want a cup you have to go back after the first and do another. That would be my only complaint, which really isn't a complaint at all! It froths and heats very well. It does make your drink VERY hot though and sometimes I will put an ice cube in to cool it down since I am a little sensitive. My husband doesn't seem to mind the temperature though. Just make sure you get the right size filters! If they are too big it will flop over and grinds will get all in your drink, and a few times have dripped outside of the jar and all around the device which is rather annoying.
  • AndreaF - Intestinal FortitudeI began my journey to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet via the "No More Wheat" campaign, which began with my looking for a more natural way to treat my IBD. Like many other people, I relied solely on medicine to heal my disease, but as the years passed I realized that I was not really getting better... although my symptoms could be a bit suppressed, eventually I realized that diet did play a huge role in a disease that affected my digestive system.

    After reading about this diet online, I laughed for a half hour when imagining myself adhering to such a strict way of eating. I was in denial and addicted to the things that this diet makes you give up: Grains, dairy, carbs and refined sugar.

    If you are anything like I was in regards to pasta, potatoes, baked goods, ice cream, etc, you may want to take a couple of weeks to thoroughly research this diet and mentally prepare yourself for changing your life. There are things to do before just jumping in to the SCD. For example purchasing a yogurt maker (I use the Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker and LOVE it!), or researching how to ferment yogurt a different way. Researching recipes to replace things you love (almond or coconut flour baked goods), and finding new recipes that you think look good is another thing you can do to prepare, just as a couple of examples.

    The book explains the science behind the diet in a comprehensive manner that is easy to read and not full of jargon that might be confusing. The recipes provided are a great start in the SCD journey. The first week is the hardest, and it is there that you will need the most strength. Don't give up; you can do it.

    It has been almost 2 months since I began the SCD, and I have had a moderate lessening in my symptoms. I am not cured, but my doc says that this diet can take a while to show improvement as it takes time to heal something as complicated as an immune system. My goal is to eventually get off of my harsh and somewhat frightening meds, and to be symptom-free. The end result is worth trying something as logical as eating in a healthy manner and sacrificing the foods that were doing me no favors. As a bonus, I've finally started losing (10 lbs!) some of that prednisone weight, too!

    I highly recommend this book, and would like to add that OF COURSE one should consult with their own docs before starting this or any other diet. Good luck, chin up, and remember the end goal!
  • Stacy02935 - Less than MedShape's Melt-A-Way and works Better!I have been using this product now for a little over a week and I love it. I replaced my Melt-a-way that I was buying form Medshape that I was paying Way to much for and replaced it with this product and the other item found in it from CVS for a fraction of the cost and its working much better! I don't feel hungry, I'm loosing weight, I'm not shaky or have any bad side effects! Love the product and plan on buying more!
  • Heather Grace "Optimist" - Beautiful, DevastatingI read this book nearly breathless the whole time. I finished it in only two sittings. It is a fast, well-paced read. I really loved What is the What by the same author and I am fascinated to see what story he will tell next.
    Zeitoun made me cry with indignation. I hate the knowledge that horrible things can happen to people, and that other people can treat fellow human beings with such ignorance and cruelty.
    At its core, this story is very universally an "American Dream" met, lost, and regained again. It is also the story of a horrible catastrophe in our nation's history, and a blemish on our human rights record. The book follows the events of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath as told by the Zeitoun family. I was especially interested to read about Kathy Zeitoun's conversion to Islam.
    I found this book compelling and sad, an important narrative about the humanity and inhumanity in all of us.
  • Anna Scates - Still in love with itI've had my Kindle for a year now and I still love it and wouldn't think to buy a new one. It's durable and compact. It's great for readers as well as people who love to watch shows on the go. The app store has a wide range of app to purchase and there are a few great books for free or to borrow each month.