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  • Emlva - Best Conditioner!I use this after Low-Poo and I also put a little more back in as a leave-in conditioner after I rinse. With this combination I do find that my hair is healthier, shinier, and stronger. Don't hesitate to try this conditioner and definitely use it with a Deva Curl shampoo that matches your hair type. I have very coarse, dry, thick and curly hair -- and have used many different types of products, I just reordered this conditioner along with the Low-Poo shampoo and have been very pleased for the past 2 months.
  • Annie - Meant to cleanse people who are constipatedive had a constipation problem for years, even with prescribed laxitives and suppositories, nothing worked. i was only able to go twice a week... worst part, im only 19. i just tried this product TODAY and boy was i pleased! 10-15 minutes after taking 2 pills i was able to poop!! and it got rid of my bloating! normally when i go, i cant try pushing more out because it just wont come out but i was able to push so much out of my system, it felt amazing for someone whos always constipated and bloated!! Thank god i didnt clog my toilet.