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  • Ian Borrelli - WHAT EVERY ONE DOESN'T SEEM TO GETthe absolute hardest thing to do when you are on a psychedelic is to describe what you see because most of it is a way of you finding a way for you to relate to things everything becomes clear to you in your own mind but to many other people wouldn't make any sense to most because every trip is 100% different from everyone else's. i have done a few with my friends and we all explained it as completely different especially in the most advanced times when it was really taking effect just because you think it doesn't make sense tells me you have never experienced it and do not know what you are talking about psychedelics open a whole new world of perspective on the mind
  • youngmommy - im so happy i took the chanceOk so i bought fertilaid and took it for two weeks 3 pills a day and i had no side effects until two later i started getting really bad mood swings and started throwing up so i stop taking them but after a week i was still sick and getting my husband told me to take s preg test i didn't want to see another negative test but i did and for the girst time ever after trying for a year i got my first positive
  • traute winsor - Survival at it's bestI could not put this book down - this is the strongest story I ever read. There are no words to describe Elizabeth's strength and believe. This should be read by all parents to show them how important it is to create a foundation for a healthy strong family.
    I will pass this book on to all my friends.
    Traute Winsor
  • James C. - Great lens, but takes getting used to.During my first couple days of using this lens I was disappointed at the lack of sharpness, and out-of-focus subjects. But I had the f-stop too wide. After gaining more experience with it I find that an f-stop of around 8 is best for most nature photo situations with this lens. And I increased the shutter speed too. Then, I've been learning how to sharpen them correctly in Lightroom. Now my photos are beautiful and a lot sharper!