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  • Clayton - Better, Faster, and SOOO much prettierThis is a huge jump for windows but after using it for several months and getting used to it, honestly I love it. It took a while to get used to but here are a few tips I learned:
    1) Everything is really intuitive... if you have never used a computer before. But once you realize that it makes things make a lot more sense. For example, the settings. Instead of every application having its own location for menus, now it is always in the same spot. Strange since we aren't used to that but makes sense.
    2) The back to previous is your best friend! Just click in the top left corner and it flips to your last open application. It basically lets you use your fullscreen and for two things. Although if you need to look at both things at once, the desktop still has snap to sides option.
    3) Right click on the start menu. It is basically a shortcut to most of the admin tools you need and it is actually nice to have it all in one spot.

    There are a lot more cool little tricks and tips but thats what you have google for :). If you are willing to relearn something you most likely grew up with, it really is better.
  • Thomas - I like the 4 packWhat drew me to the product ( Rogaine ), was the four pack, vice 3 pack. The local drug stores in my area carry only the 3 pack, and more recently have stopped selling that!!

    I have used the product for several years, and it is working for me!

    I'll buy the 4 pack again from Amazon!!