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  • Mickey Ryan - I LOVE MY PS4I'm going to make this short and sweet - the Playstation 4 is the greatest console made to date. There's really no words to describe the awesomeness of it. The graphics are utterly ridiculous and every feature is just a reminder of how far we've come since Atari. Hey my heart goes out to the people that had defects but the truth is mine appears to have none as of now. I'm still keeping a close eye on it, playing it safe. Just buy this system immediately, it's a hell of an investment and you won't be disappointed.
  • walker "slim" - Thought provokingFirst off, this is a wonderfully written book. Some of these books can be kinda dry, to a point where you can only read a couple pages at a time. Not so with this book. I wanted to keep reading and reading until I had finished it. Second off I want to say that I'm pretty conservative. I had always supported the drug war (something this book covers very well) but never really thought of the people or tactics that support it. After reading this book and its thought provoking statistics I have changed my mind. I'm not saying we need to legalize everything but there needs to be some serious change in the way we enforce these laws and the mindset of the people enforcing them. Liberties that most people take for granted everyday are getting weaker and weaker. If you care about the erosion of our constitution or are interested in the darker side of our police force I would highly recommend this book.
  • Ronault D. Trowbridge - A decade of memories & then some!This two disc set caps off a decade of memories, I've been hooked on Seether since I first heard the beautiful "Broken". And the band's mix of angst & heartfelt lyrics often got me through the occasional lousy day. The cult hits "Truth", "Broken", "The Gift", etc. are all featured on this collection along with some "B sides" called "The Might Have Missed" featuring a great cover of Verucca Salt's "Seether" from which the band takes it's name. Looking very forward to what the band rises above next!
  • Darryl Kinman - Why talk to liberals they don't listen???It is a great book that you find yourself constantly shaking your head in agreement. Ann Coulter shows how liberals side step a credible argument only to critisize the person and or change the subject. Maybe we could get some sense into the liberals if Ann would write bigger books so we could boop them over their heads with it... :-)
  • ReDeLzS - Worked as described.I've been using this product off and on for over 1 year now. I use to buy it at costco but for some reason i can not find it there anymore. The product was cheaper for 2 bottles at costco but with PRIME shipping i received it in 2 days. Super fast.
    Be sure to read instructions on bottle. Expect to visit the bathroom more often. I dont see why others are complaining about going to restroom more, where else the sh*t going to go? hahah Will order more in future. Highly recommend if you want to feel less bloating and lose a few lbs while doing so.