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  • Jeff Smith "tube book guy" - Well written, clearly explained. Try before you buy....All of a sudden, everyone has a coding style for JavaScript.

    The author of this book does not seek to preach, just to explain how JavaScript works.
    Clear examples, clearly explained. There is a free version you can download, and now that I have read it, I will buy it just to support the Authors.
    ALL The examples work, and are already on the web in JSFiddle, just click the link! So if you want to learn by example, this is it!
  • Phil Philson - Great value, highly effectiveI am a profuse back sweater who dealt for years with back acne. After trying Accutane and other dermatologist prescriptions, I realized I simply needed to stop the source of my clogged pores - sweat.

    With SweatBlock, my back was clear in a week. My back was completely dry, even in 100 degree temperatures.

    Because of the cost, I decided to experiment with Certain Dri, realizing the ingredients were basically the same. These products are not the same. Certain Dri just doesn't compare. It helped some, but I kept sweating and some of the acne came back. I highly recommend sticking with SweatBlock and considering it an "investment."
  • Josephine B Sierra - The hunger gamesAfter seeing the film, I was interested in seeing how closely the movie followed the written story. As with most films based from novels, there were segments of the book that weren't covered in the film but I felt they captured the poignant moments.
    I was happy to learn more about the backstory on Panem and how the games were created after the uprising.
    Overall I really enjoyed this novel and am already starting to read Catching Fire.
  • QB KIMI - BEST ACCOUNTING PACKAGEQuickBooks has a great product for everyone. If you are unsure of what to to, they have a help section, there is help in blogs, you can contact a Certified Pro Advisor for more help. QuickBooks takes into account the bumps life has for us and helps to smooth the accounting ones with no fuss. You can track the trends your business does or get an add on program that will help you drill down the information you are looking for.
  • Cyphis - Breathtaking!After picking up this book, I couldn't put it down until I'd read it twice.
    Every fine-tuned and stylized sentence was simply astonishing and riveting.
    I was on the edge of my seat, my office chair, my bed and even the edge of my toilet (not recommended)!
    I was captivated and touched by the author's incredible character development. The loneliness of the isolated Huge Ships, the courage of the smaller ones...
    Every key Capt. Trimmer touches is pure gold!
    It's everything you could hope for in one small fount of glory -passion, rage, romance, drama and action!
    Just take a deep breath and listen up while Capt. Trimmer takes you for the journey of a lifetime; over, under, around and away from Huge Ships with everything from broad to fingernail-bitingly, narrow, hair thin avoidances!
    I can't recommend it enough.
    Buy it for Christmas. Buy it for Halloween. Buy it for birthdays, Easter and Valentines Day!