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  • Word Hack - Works overseas too!I brought this with me on my tour of the Arab Spring and let me tell you that it works just as well overseas. No converters needed! Whether it was "war widows" in Libya, wounded protestors in Syria, or uppity students in Tahir Square, they all succumbed to the natural goodness of red pepper oils aerosolized into a fine mist. We should put a big American flag on each and every canister so oppressed people around the world know the quality of our non-lethal products.
  • Julie A. Dawson "eFestival of Words Book Fair" - Like Goldilocks, I was looking for that "just right" fitI don't have a smart phone (my phone is pretty dumb). So my Kindle replaces a lot of the functionality a smartphone user has. I can check Twitter, Facebook, email, and play games on it. I don't like laptops. Most tablets are too expensive for what I want to do. The Kindle Fire is the perfect balance for me when it comes to replacing they functionality of those type of things. I still prefer my regular Kindle for reading, but I use my Fire for reading PDFs (I own a lot of roleplaying games in PDF formats with complicated layouts that don't convert nicely to mobi format), watching movies (mostly courtesy my Amazon Prime account), and as a virtual assistant when I am working on my computer and don't want to have to keep clicking back and forth between different tabs on my screen. I can have my research materials or reference sites up on my Kindle and continue to work normally on my computer.