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  • B. Cooper - Every lady needs thisI was skeptical, but this product is amazing! It does exactly what it claims. I can tell a difference after one use.The stainless steel works with plain tap water to bring everything back into balance. I love that no chemicals are involved. It cleans up quickly. It is comfortable and quick to use. There are a few minor design flaws that I hope the manufacturers will work on, though. The water reservoir bag and hanging loop look pretty flimsy. I can see them needing replaced a few times. The manufacturer should either improve that part or include an extra set. I think I will purchase another set to have on hand. Inside the kit, there is info on ordering parts. It does have a warranty, but I'd like to have a spare on hand. The wand is very well-made and looks like it will last for years. However, I wish the base of it had a better grip. When wet, it's a bit hard to hold onto. In my experience, I don't need to use it daily. Once a week or so works fine.
  • Ilana "Ilana, Founder of GrandmothersMillions... - The Metabolic PlanIf you are serious about taking responsibility for your health, and desire a tool that you can use to decipher all the medical jargon and how it pertains to you, then The Metabolic Plan is your book.
    As a Type II diabetic I wanted to understand how I could prevent and possibly reverse the effects of this disease. Armed with the information form Cherniske's book, and a Doctor who worked with me, I have been able to improve my life significantly.
    The Metabolic Plan is packed with information that you can use to transform your life and understand all the medical jargon that Doctors use to evaluate your health. It is the `go to' book if you want to take charge of you health. With the information provided in The Metabolic Plan you can work better with your physician to improve your overall health.
  • Anthony F. Patterson "anthony p" - Always use Norton SecurityI have always used Norton Security. I like the ease of use from it. It's expensive, unless you get it from Amazon. It really does the job for me. Some people say that it is not as good as 2012's version but it seems to be just has good. People who already have 2012 Norton Security don't need to download or change to the 2013 version. All you have to do is have the product license key. This saves a lot of hassle trying to take off the old version for the new.
  • MJLeesburgVA "10mac" - If vacuums are allowed to be sexy, this vacuum takes the prize!LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! This has really improved the quality of my cleaning. With a new puppy that drags all kinds to dirt into the home, and two very messy kids, I can quickly clean up and touch up and keep my home clean. It's very powerful, the battery lasts for ever, incredible versatile, and it's sexy to use. Love it!
  • Michael C - Great work outP90X is a great work out. Tony is kind of annoying, but really enthusiastic which is nice in those beginning days when you don't feel like working out. The workouts are intense, and you'll be incredibly sore the first week. It's a bit of a combo between strength and cardio, but the main emphasis is on strength building. Follow the diet plan and you'll see all your power numbers go up while also getting a lot more defined. Also, I feel like given that the cardo isn't crazy (minus the plyo X day) you can start this program from pretty much anywhere in terms of fitness. Tony does a great job giving you alternative exercises if you're not yet strong enough to do some of the exercises. Most people who quit end up quitting because it's too long. The work outs are generally 45 minutes, but the yoga x day is an hour and half. That is pretty long, but it's kind of broken up into 2 distinct 45 minute blocks that you can spread out, or do one half one week and the other half the next week if you don't wand to to the full work out. Regardless, it's a really adaptable work out and you can probably make it work with your schedule. You'll need dumb bells, a pull up bar (or band), and possibly a yoga mat depending on what kind of surface you're going to do it on (carpet should be fine...hard wood or tile I'd get the mat). Definitely a great purchase and got my power numbers way up along with getting me in better cardio shape.