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  • Ilteris Gunay - Science can determine wellbeing and only scientific endeavors can help to improve it.`The Moral Landscape' is a triumphant book. Harris gives us a lot to think about 21st century humanism. He expresses the consequences of the notion "moral relativism" and how it vandalizes not only humanity but the world itself.

    A very important topic in the book is "We can convince people who are committed to silly and harmful patterns of thought and behavior in the name of "morality" to break these commitments and to live better lives." Harris states that "I happen to believe that changing people's ethical commitments is the most important task facing humanity in the twenty-first century. Nearly every other important goal from combating climate change, to fighting terrorism, to curing cancer, to saving the whales falls within its purview. Of course, moral persuasion is a difficult business, but it strikes me as especially difficult if we haven't figured out in what sense moral truths exist."

    Richard Dawkins in his book The God Delusion rationalizes the idea of morality with the example of "The New Ten Commandments" and how to use them in common sense. In addition to that, Harris in his new book scientifically signifies how to improve wellbeing of humanity and how corrupt and dangerous the dogmatic beliefs can be or always are.
  • Daniel B - This shirt is for alphas onlyYou have to dress for success and this wolf shirt is the tool for your career and everyday life. Last July, I had a job interview for a prestigious brothel. Wearing my wolf shirt; with sunglasses, a bandanna, and jean shorts; I was ready to rock that interview.

    Tiffany, the waitress/bartender/receptionist, was sitting at the counter on that hot summer afternoon; fanning herself while twirling her blond hair and chewing bubblegum. Her boredom quickly dissipated when she nearly swallowed her gum after seeing me walk in and announcing that I was applying for the bouncer position. Tiffany smiled, showing the bubblegum that stuck to her teeth. She popped her bubblegum and announced my arrival to the proprietor who called himself “Nasty Neal”

    I shook Neal’s heavily tattooed hand of skulls and crossbones. He saw my shirt and smiled. Chewing his tobacco and sipping from his glass of Tito’s vodka, he led me to his office cluttered in empty bottles of Jack Daniel’s. I conjectured that Neal took recycling seriously. Neal could not get his eyes off my wolf shirt. He explained to me that his brothel was a place where tough people socialized. “These guys are like a pack of wolves,” he explained in his Tennessean accent. “They tear the place up. They need an alpha wolf to lead and keep the pack in line.” I explained to Neal that I was that wolf. I showed him my shirt and explained to him that I represented the bottom wolf howling away from the moon, that wolf was the alpha while the others followed his howl.
    Neal was mesmerized by my revelation and hired me on the spot with the condition I wear the wolf shirt every night. Tiffany was ecstatic to be working with me. She let me sip from her glass of scotch covered in lipstick while explaining my duties in between popping her cherry flavored bubblegum.

    This is my go to shirt. I wear it to the gym, church, and Walmart. In between my bouncing job and hustles with Neal and Tiffany, I wear it to medical school where I am studying to be a surgeon.
  • Ceci Davis "Online Education Content Publisher" - New Grandparents Must Have BookBaby 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice For Your Baby's First Year

    This is a great reference book for anyone who has a baby or will be caring for a baby. The book is kept up to date. The Q & A section is very handy. Dr. Ari Brown presents techniques dealing with sleeping issues but also gives her opinions on certain techniques or practices so that you can put more thought into your choice. The advice on preventing obesity in your child is right on and missing from most of the baby books I have read. Parents to be should buy this book and review it (this includes dad) before baby arrives. The one thing that should be elaborated in the section on chocking, learning CPR is mentioned but not where to get training. It would be great if all the CPR information was put in a "the new parent" icon block. List where to go to get the training and title of the program plus the YouTube information listed in the first aid section.