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  • Saabboy93 - More than meets expectations coming from PCI been trying to convert my entire world over to Mac from Windows for some time. One of the apps that was a bear to even consider moving over was Quickbooks. However all that fear and anxiety was put to rest after three easy steps to convert my 2008 PC version over to 2012 Mac version after installing this on my Mac.
    Even before that I bought it on Amazon and used their software download service. Its great because it stores all your software and serial info you need so you can always find it and re-download it anytime you need too. Next on the PC version I simply used the Wizard located in the File pull down to backup my existing file to Mac version, after I installed 2012 on my Mac I simply went through the process of locating my backup, re-locating where I wanted it to reside on my Mac and viola I was up and running.
    Two things to be aware of;
    Your custom invoice templates do not copy will have to use the preset templates it comes with, or go into the designer and rebuild your invoice from scratch. Fortunately my invoice was pretty simple so it took minutes to re create.
    And second, the entire invoice screen takes some getting used too. It sort of flips around from view mode to edit mode, was a bit confusing but Im getting the hang of it. As far as all your invoice items they copied over quite nicely...which is what I was really concerned about the most.

    Other than that I am now happy to report I no longer run my business or anything for that matter off a Windows PC. This was a great start for more of the more important applications I live off of on a daily basis. Minor perk to the Mac version is visually it is so much more detailed to look at especially on Mac OS 10.8 Mt Lion.. Icons and navigation is so much more appealing to the eye than PC version. At least the 2008 version. I'm very pleased and I would recommend this to any Quickbook user that was tired of dealing with PC issues on top of their QB issues.
  • Purrdystarr - Lives up to its Claim =)Ive used this and the kutting weight Suit together along with 2 all natural pills here on Amazon called acai Berry #3,Hoodia, And ive lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks.Along with just drinking water and tea and exercise on treadmill,And eat healthy.This jar works.Only weird thing is it kinda smells like Raid ant N Roach spray.But Sweat is intense n WORKS!
  • EB "EB" - I Am So Proud of These Shoes!Wow! Just reading about THESE shoes have been an inspiration.

    I don't particularly like all the choice in shoe selections, and have changed my way of thinking about shoes as I've gotten older -- there's a particular set I wouldn't want for myself right now, (the decision would haunt me) but I understand the need for choice.

    If a woman suddenly finds herself with a pair of shoes she doesn't want, or were forced upon her, & knows she won't have the emotional or physical resources to treat the shoes with care and love & a bright future, well, then, she doesn't deserve those shoes. So, having choices is important. Perhaps, one day, later in life, that woman may regret not getting those shoes, but there is just as great a chance that not getting those shoes was the best decision she could've made in that situation, at that point in her life.

    Choice in shoes is necessary in today's world, even if you don't like someone else's style.
  • Gene Warner - Great game, lots of fun.(...)
    For everyone else, ignore all the doom and gloom criers and get Spore! It's a great game that you can play over and over again because each time you play will be different. Sure the basic them and plot (if any) will be the same but unless you make all the same choices throughout the game, it will be a different game.

    I enjoy trying different things while creating my creatures, some work and some don't, but that's the who fun of the game.

    I actually bought Spore twice. The first one was bought through the EA store as a downloadable game. That was before I knew of the Galactic edition. But once I saw the Galactic edition and all the extras that came with it, I enjoy the game so much I had to have it.