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  • cathysguy - A Must Read!!I always look forward to any books that Andy writes. "Island of Saints" is my all time favorite for a variety of reasons. Andy's latest book showcases his unique style. Jones feels like a personal friend that I would immediately be comfortable around. Thanks Andy, for another great read. Can't wait for the next one.
  • sam02135 - Loving It .. BUT ..I've been (not really) patiently waiting for this tablet to come out.. finally .. Best Buy had it .. in the Amethist Grey .. though I wanted the Champagne color one. Had an issue with one shutdown and thought I bumped the power switch as I rotated the Tansformer Prime (TP) 180 degrees so that the power chord isn't on my ... ahem .. belly. So the power switch was at the "bottom".
    I was setting the security on it to "unlock" and it shutdown.. had to power on again. From reading the posts (1 star comments), I wasn't alone. Very helpful posts .. as consumers .. we need to keep everyone on top of things so we can return the purchased items back to the "stores". Hearing all the problems with GPS / WIFI .. is getting me nervous and I have 10 days remaining before returning this item without an issue. I've yet to have any problem with WIFI .. and I have done nothing with the GPS ...

    Since there are posts that suggest a new design for this device, will Asus accept the returns without an issue because of the defects? BECAUSE they will get a class action lawsuit if they don't... that's a fact.

    I want to keep my TP .. but ...
  • Barry B. Edison "Barry B. Edison" - The most terrifying and freighting book ever!Simply put, this is the most terrifying and freighting book you will ever read. After the first 68 pages you will be numb and have to take a break. The only problem is - you can't - for whatever you do, the horror stays with you. You not only read about the most horrific events in human history, you live them. No one does this better than Whitley Strieber. His book "War Day", about post nuclear holocaust America, left me in tears for weeks. "2012 - The War For Souls" will leave each of us who reads the novel in shock and horror for a very long time. This book is not for the faint hearted, but if you want to read the scariest and most gut wrenching book ever written, pick up "2012".
  • majormma - Great Product!Really works in weight training. I take about 1 hour before workout. I have taken it for 6 weeks and have seen a noticeable difference in the amount of weight I can lift and in the results I've achieved. I am 58 years old. I have lost 1 belt notch as well. I do not know if it affects blood pressure but my top number has decreased by 14 points. I will continue to take Nugenix and recommend it to my friends.
  • N J Stewart - Perfection & time saving for planning a trip in ItalyWish we had of been aware of this before our trip to Italy! Would have saved hours & hours of on-line research about:- where to visit, main sights, how long to spend in each place, main sights to see, where to stay & eat, how to travel from place & how much to budget/allow for. Purchased, downloaded to Kindle & read when we arrived home from Italy. Our actual experiences made Rick Steve's recommendations so credible. If you are planning / traveling to Italy this is a must - particularly in Kindle form as it saves having to pack heavy hard copy guides.