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  • Bridgett Cassidy "bridgettlynn" - An excellent resource for a thinking pregnant womanFirst, I am only about halfway finished with Expecting Better, so it it possible that my opinion will change, but so far it has been an excellent resource. I wish it had been available when I was pregnant; I had many of the same questions she did with regard to what advice to take and what to ignore, but I don't have her educational background and didn't know how to go about figuring it all out. This is a book I will recommend to any pregnant woman I know.

    I have read the chapter on alcohol that seems to be stirring up such controversy, and I have to say that I appreciate Oster's dilligent research on the topic and refusal to infantilize pregnant women by making decisions for them. Anyone who has actually read the book could not honestly accuse Oster of recommending alcohol consumption by pregnant women. Most seem to be outraged that she lays out the facts for her readers to make their own decision.

    I have finished this book and I stand by my five-star review. I think it is a wonderful guide to pregnancy for women who are capable of assessing the risks and benefits of behavior for themselves. Oster presents the evidence and leaves the decision to the reader.
  • MSA - I'm naming both of my children Denon.I was told by fertility doctors 10 years ago that I would never be able to conceive. I bought this cable a few months ago and blammo! I'm pregnant! With twins! Worth every cent. I can't wait until the kids are old enough to hear this story.
  • A. Hockenberry - Much easier on my backI have always used a mop and bucket to clean my floors, but after injuring my back a couple of months ago it's getting harder and harder for me to lug them around. This cleans my floors just as well, if not better and it is much easier on my back! The kit arrived on time and in perfect condition. Very pleased!