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  • G. Maisano "Nightchild" - A terrific si fi read--Stephen King with a soul!Wherever your beliefs lie on the UFO/alien agenda scale, forget them and just enjoy this book. It has all the taut story telling of Stephen King about ordinary people in blood curdling horrific circumstances but none of his hopelessness. I enjoyed it much more than Strieber's other book, The Greys, which was good but lacked a center. I recommend to anyone who enjoys a good read and/or is interested in the UFO/phenomenon.
  • Tracey Zillian "Always reading" - Prime is (finally) charging; Time for a review!This review is going to be mostly about my experiences and the little things I've noticed from the Prime for the 2 days thus far that I've owned it. You all already know the specs (and they're pretty much entirely true). My Prime is an Amethyst Gray 32GB.


    Let me start off with this: There are bugs. HOWEVER, keep in mind that this is a new tablet quite literally fresh off the press. For what it's worth, these bugs are pretty minor-- If you've ever owned an iPhone you're probably familiar with apps crashing for no good reason (unless I'm just very unlucky). Regardless, apps will occasionally crash on your Prime. There are, in my experience, two types of crashing: The rare crash that you just have to re-open the application and you're good to go, and the consistent crashing of a particular app when you start it. There are a fair number of the latter depending on the app (Tap Tap Revenge 4 being the main culprit for me-- I have yet to see the main screen) but most apps work perfectly fine. Myself, I've been playing World of Magic for about 5 hours straight now. Anyway.


    The first thing I'd like to address is the onscreen keyboard. I don't have the keyboard dock yet (and I would really like to have it now, to be honest). I am an extremely fast (and accurate) typist, so slowing down is not something I'm used to. On my iPhone, I can type as fast as I care to with very few mistakes. This is not the case with the Prime. I have to type noticeably slower and with more care for the words to not mash themselves together in unintelligible fragments. Personally this irritates me, but I know that I type considerably faster than most people, so this is probably just a personal problem. I'm not going to downgrade this to 4 stars for that reason.


    Oh my gosh, the speaker. You've probably heard about how there's only one- This is true. One or two speakers makes zero difference in this instance. This speaker is the best quality speaker I've ever heard. Better than my netbook, my iPhone, my laptop, all of them. While most speakers begin to get rather crackly as you crank up the volume, even at higher settings there is little to no 'extra noise' from this one. I've listened to music that was on Youtube with this speaker and it's absolutely stunning. If you need a tablet with a good speaker for whatever reason I highly recommend this one. You can definitely tell, if you're paying attention, that music is only coming out one side. But the quality makes that irrelevant. Onwards!


    The screen is beautiful. I've watched HD videos on it with extreme clarity and played games with beautiful graphics: All stunning. The screen is also quite responsive and you can switch through windows with ease. The brightness level is also very impressive. Even at almost 0 brightness, you can see things fairly easily. I generally keep the brightness on about 25%. In fact, anything too far above maybe 70% can be too bright if you are on a page with a lot of lighter colors. I haven't tested the screen outside yet but I don't think IPS+ is even going to be necessary for me. The screen is Gorilla glass if I recall correctly but I'm not going to test the strength of it. Not much else to add, unless anyone wants to ask a more specific question?


    The battery is also impressive. After 12 hours of letting it sit in its case and at least 10 hours of playing with it (at about 25% brightness, power saver mode) it was only at 63% battery life. I had to set the brightness to as high as I could bear and turn it on the highest power consumption setting, and play an MMO for a few hours before it finally got to 15% and it told me I might want to think about charging it soon. (I obliged, which is why I'm writing this review.) I've been charging it for I think a little less than an hour now and it's gone from 14% to 37%. 23% in an hour? For a machine like this, I think that's pretty impressive.


    Good stuff, good stuff. It moves nice and quickly to the next page once you click something, and there are tabs. I'll add more once I've selectively used the browser more. Too busy playing with all my new apps! And on that note...


    It's not THE App Store. You should be aware of that. However it has all the big-name games from the Apple App Store, and sometimes, the same ones you have to pay for on the iTunes store are free on the Android market. There are sections for Free apps, Paid apps, and you can select your preferred type of app, just like in the iTunes market. The selection isn't as poor as people claim, in fact, there are a whole lot of apps already there, and it's only going to get bigger.


    It has Flash! Built right in! I can access web pages now that I never could with an iDevice. Personally, that's a pretty considerable selling point.


    Now for the other type of flash. The Prime has two cameras, one rear-facing and one that looks right at you. The rear-facing one has flash capabilities; The front one doesn't. I don't know why you'd need to use the front-facing one save for Skyping and such anyway, so the flash isn't a big deal. The front camera doesn't have the same impressive quality as the back one, as well. The back camera, however, surprised me. A lot. After a few shots with it I quickly discovered that the camera on this tablet is of a higher quality than my actual camera, the likes of which is solely devoted to taking pictures. Indeed, the Prime's camera surpasses a device made for taking pictures. The quality really stands out, it's crisp and clean and if you're a good cameraman anyway that will only help with making it truly shine.

    The camera software itself has a lot of little settings that I haven't had the chance to play around with yet, but there is a button readily available that lets you switch from back to front cameras just by clicking it. The Prime's camera also takes video- Very nice quality video. Of course, taking pictures or video with a 10-inch tablet is a bit cumbersome and looks rather silly, but the quality that it provides makes it worth it.


    The Prime comes with a page (and then a few more) of pre-installed apps. They're pretty standard but they also have apps like the Kindle store already included, which I thought was nice. If you already have a Kindle account, you can log in on that app and all your books will be there for you to read. On that note, readability is nice, and you can resize the font to big or normal-sized.

    There was also an app called Polaris Office, which upon opening I discovered that it had access to every single file on my Prime, much like how you can look at your folders and files on the computer. On the top right, there is a 'Create New' option, which reveals nothing short of the ability to create Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. Anyone who needs these things for work will appreciate that this comes built in. Any other applications you want to ask about, please go ahead.


    Because I'm not sure what else to call it. This little button allows you to, once you click it, see your battery life, power settings, Bluetooth options, screen-tilt options, another button to lead you to the main Settings window, and a personal favorite, a notifications section. This will tell you of any new events that happened on your tablet (or if you have Facebook, if someone has replied to a comment, etc) such as the completion of a new app download. On the bottom of your screen is also a thin black bar that shows when each separate download is occurring, and you can click the little download icons to see the status of each download. These disappear once your download is finished and go to the 'event' section of your menu. Downloads usually happen in a matter of seconds, but can take a few minutes if you're downloading a particularly large application or update. All in all very convenient.


    This little sidebar starts off as a button, but when you press it, it reveals a sidebar with every window and application you have open on your tablet. You can click the icon of any of them to instantly switch to that application, or you can click the X on the side of them to close the application completely. I've yet to have any problems with the Prime slowing down from too many applications, but I usually try to X them out in groups when I remember that I haven't done so yet.


    This thing is LIGHT. It's a 10-inch tablet, but it's probably a third lighter than the Kindle Fire, an 8-incher.(or is it 7? Regardless.) In an effort to find a fairly standard item to compare it with, I would have to say as follows: It's lighter than what I consider a standard-sized hardcover novel, (In this case The Da Vinci Code, about 454 pages and bound rather nicely) not by much but still a noticeable difference. Coupled with the Kindle app you could read a thick hardcover novel for cheaper than the hardcover's asking price and it'll weigh less, too.

    Comparing it with my trusty copy of The Da Vinci Code again, it's about a half-inch longer than a 'standard' hardcover novel on each side. It appears to be about a pencil-width thick if not a bit less, however it slopes in at the edges so I can't quite tell. In short, this tablet is both impressively thin and incredibly light.


    For all of you still waiting for your Prime to arrive from Amazon, Bestbuy (where mine actually eventually came from, I admit), Gamestop, or wherever else this was available for pre-ordering, I assure you, this is very worth it. It has its bugs at the moment but I've already received updates that download very quickly. (As a note, downloads do for the most part happen very quickly!) I'm very impressed with this tablet, and hope that you are too. If you haven't preordered this yet I highly recommend you do; You won't regret it.

    If there's anything here I haven't addressed yet, please feel free to ask about it. I'll answer as best I can. I'll also be editing this with new information as I find it.
  • Ronald Hitson - Coming from a real user.....not a techieGreetings,

    I purchased this GPS navi. for the purpose of my vacation in a city and state in which I had not been.
    Long story short, this GPS made my life much easier and made my vacation more enjoyable.

    I am 100% convinced that without this purchase, I would not have enjoyed my trip as much as I did.

    The accuracy is fantastic. Even if you miss a turn, the GPS reroutes you from where you are. I love that feature. I missed a lot of turns but I was able to get to where I was going thanks to the fast rerouting of this GPS navi.

    As a result, I want to explore others places that I've not been, just so I can use my new best friend.

    Grab this, you'll not be disappointed.

    Also, the screen size is a nice size. I thought it would be smallish but it is perfect.

    The talking feature is great too. Just focus on driving on watching the same names, exits, etc.....
  • Joseph P. Yager "OtterBored" - Whaaaaat?!Oh happy day of days. The power of the Three Wolf Moon Shirt is mine. Just sitting at my laptop trying to type this review, I feel its energy beckoning to me. It howls out psychically into my brain and prods me to unleash the inner beast. Shall I? No Three Wolf Moon Shirt, let me write this review first. Yes, together we can ride the phantom waves of existentialism and become one with the universe. Just one second. Anyway, when the sweet shirt was delivered... Oh god it's floating in the air now. No! Don't go! We just started to get to know each other. We were going to fly into the sun and discover paradise beyond known dimensions. Please. Crap it flew off into oblivion. Apparently, when you open it up, you have to use it immediately or the party will leave without you. Even though we just met, I love you Three Wolf Moon Shirt! I wish we could have journeyed through this life together, but I failed you.

    Also, amazon gets 1-star for distracting me, forcing me to review their products and causing me to lose my Three Wolf Moon Shirt.
  • Casey DeLorme "CK" - Dongle works, and with W2K8R2I use a Windows Server 2008 R2 (W2K8R2) operating system for my workstation. I use it for several things, including multimedia. I wanted to be able to connect a good wireless keyboard and mouse, functional at a distance greater than 6 feet. Unfortunately that rules out almost every Radio Frequency wireless device I have tested.

    The problem with W2K8R2 is that bluetooth does not work out of the box, you need to grab a special installer. You can find that at (in their forums). I had previously bought extremely cheap "no-name" bluetooth dongles, which did not work at all, so I was skeptical when I decided to make this purchase.

    However, I am glad I did, as I plugged them in and installed them without any problems. I now have it connecting to my cell phone, as well as a new keyboard and mouse. I am very pleased with this product.