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  • James R. Kemble - Roxio Creator 2011This program was shipped to me quickly and in good shape. I had extensive problems getting the program to operate properly on my Windows 7 powered computer. The Roxio people worked with me to solve all many problems. Now the program is loaded and works super well. I am very happy with the product and the many things (CD/DVD burning, photo enhancement, disk copying, DVD playing, etc.)
  • ComfyShoeMaven - Excellent ProductI bought this as a Gold Box special, and it arrived a few days before I was to have some major surgery.

    I wanted to get all my affairs in order just in case, and the Will Maker helped me accomplish this.

    The program takes you through each step, and you just plug in the information. What is great is that it provides the form that is considered legal in each state.

    I created a will, a medical power of attorney, and advanced directive. I had an advanced directive that I had found on the Internet, but the one in Will Maker is much more thorough, and takes into account many of the directives that my doctor told me should be included.

    All this, plus the free legal encyclopedia, made the purchase very worthwhile, and I highly recommend it.
  • Katy Quinn "nyc actress" - Scared of Huge Ships? This will help you!SO HELPFUL! I grew up sailing on Long Island Sound and whenever the QE II would come through the Sound, I would get hit! After 15 years of getting hit by a large, English ship I thought the Brits really had it in for me. Especially that old battle axe Queen Elizabeth. Seriously, aim your ship at me will you, you Windsor beatch! I'd begun to think they were aiming at me as some sort of weird payback for the Revolutionary War. You know, 'Yippee-ka-yah, you Yankee bitch! Eat big steel hull! So much for your paltry Revolution!' Much to my surprise, I read this book and found out it was all MY FAULT! All the hate has drained away. But I still can't drink warm beer. Thanks, Cap'n!
  • Pamela - Best heating pad I have usedThis heating pad is long so it fits all across my lower back. It is also soft and comfy. The 2 hour shut off timer is a great feature since I tend to fall asleep. My old pad was a small square and felt like I was laying on wires. Not this one. This is the best pad and it is a good price for what you get.
  • Marty - Shipment made too lateThe orders for Align come in too late. The product is gone for several days before a new supply is received. Please adjust the shipment date to coincide with the number of capsules that are provided. I have to purchase a supply of Align at the store to make up for the days awaiting shipment. This has happened consistently since I went on the automated shipment plan. If you can't make the adjustments, I have to cancel the automated plan and order individually. Someone is asleep at the wheel!