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Country: North America, US, United States

  • Felix Elias "- Felix Elias" - Haven't had a single issue so farSo far it's been an amazing experience. The console in overall feels very smooth. Is fast and loading times have been severely cut down. Games look amazing too! Played so far Killzone, flower and COD Ghost. Vita and mobile integration works flawlessly.

    - Fast and reliable
    - Sharing capabilities are great if you enjoy connecting your facebook account
    - Console looks neat
    - Easy to link to your vita and mobile
    - Sharing capabilities works great
    - Easy to change the hdd if you want to (Have plans of doing it soon)
    - Music Unlimited Integration is great
    - Warranty is considerably cheap
    - The new dualshock 4 feels amazing
    - 500GB will go away really fast with installation sizes, consider changing the internal hdd as soon as you can.
    - You need a PS Plus Account (Not a real issue for me since I was plus already)
    - Installation sizes are huge
    - Needs a way to edit videos before uploading
    - The console is missing youtube uploads

    In overall, a great step into gaming industry. Totally worth buying. To all of those leaving a 1 Star rating, hope you get your console fixed soon, it truly is a great console and you deserve to enjoy what you paid for.
  • Sean Miller - Great OSOverall I've had a positive experience with Windows 8 so far. I've only been using Windows 8 for a couple of weeks, but it was much easier to adapt to from Win 7 than I had heard. My average boot time seems much faster than 7, and programs seem to load slightly faster. I haven't run into any compatibility issues yet. I'm not really an 'app' person (I prefer my games and software in a more traditional installation), but there are some handy apps out on the marketplace. The marketplace does already have a lot of apps, but it's still in it's infancy. Win 8 does have some room for improvement with the interface I think. There are a few design choices Microsoft made that makes perfect sense for a tablet / phone (like hiding the shut down button), but are bad choices for a desktop pc (like hiding the shut down button). Overall, I think it's a better OS than Windows 7 (and don't get me wrong - I love Windows 7).
  • Lc1009 - Can't put the book down!This book has helper me understand more about all the toxins in so many products. Easy read, but super fun to read. I didn't think I'd toss my old products in my home like other reviewed, but after reading her book, I have! It's really making me want to have a healthier lifestyle (but keeping it fun and simple!) for myself and my family. I've purchased her products on the honest website. Their AWESOME. It's worth going Eco and yet, her advice and products if you choose to by from her, are affordable. I'm obsessed with this book. Thank you!
  • Nathan G. Jensen - Miniature Mushroom CloudAfter I bought this little can of Uranium, I bought myself a miniature centrifuge off eBay. Before long I had enough critical mass to make a mini nuclear bomb.

    So then I detonated my little nuke with a Black Cat firecracker in my garage.

    All of a sudden there was a miniature mushroom cloud spreading radioactive materials all over my garage. So now, every time, I go into my garage, I first have to put on one of those plastic yellow suits and the alien-looking face mask.

    It was a fun experiment, but one my neighbors complained to the H.O. saying I wasn't zoned for the production and detonation of nuclear materials.