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  • Sarah Soda - Got to look in the trenches from a different vantage point, fun read.Ever read a book and feel the author is holding back for the next book? Not at all the case here, this has everything; the current, the future, the reality, and the fantasy island of higher education.
    As a higher education professional of 15 years, and as a parent of a senior in dental school, I read it cover to cover. As a professional, it raised great questions such as: Does the institution make the student or does the student make the institution?". Well, in a lot of instances, the students are losing the accreditation of programs for schools by the students lack of ability to perform to standards of generations past. The students are definitely making, and unmaking, some institutions. Which led me to the question, what is social media and technology making of the students, cognitively?
    The author states "Student should have equal chances of graduation no matter where they go to school. If they don't have the same shot at getting a degree, they should take that into consideration before they plunk down thousands of dollars for their freshmen year. "Agreed, but the problem is, you can't tell a student anything. Try. It ends up as reverse psychology. As long as someone is graduating, they would have no reason to think it wouldn't be them. That's where a parent comes in. In the absence of a wise parent, or despite one, marketing material and a student's overconfidence in judgment skills will step in to fill the void. There are so many schools that a student can attend for 30-50 thousand a year where they have to do little more for acceptance than open the door and qualify for an aid award.
    Author gives the example of the student whose mother pays 75% of her income in rent and can't afford the 500 deposit; hence requests it waived by the institution. The administrator tries to talk the parent into community college for the first two years in the parent and student's best interest, but the parent is not having it. This example of the entitled nature of some is so much more common than can be imagined for everything from grades to every possible staple of existence.
    Parents have no money saved, not that they have no money, just that they have none saved, and have students who go off to overseas school adventures while tax payers who will never get out of the country are paying for it in taxes to subsidize the award packages. These students will then graduate, and occupy wall street to demand their tuition back because it should have been free in the first place, or at least someone else should have paid for it.
    I enjoyed the "college experience of the future passage", an a la carte itunes MOOC world wind education tour, shortening the processes for some, losing others entirely. I thought the book pulled it off very optimistically, because as I was reading I kept thinking about the narcissistic tendencies created by the social media and technology. I bought this book on Kindle and I feel like I should be mailing the author a check because I got way more socratic inquiry than my money's worth.
  • Thomas D. Moran "Tom" - Well worth the moneyIt is not the newest design but it works like a champ. What is especially neat is the optional keyboard is a battery, greatly extending the life of the tablet. You cannot get internet access by cell phone as an option and it needs Wifi.
    The only down side is that for some reason the browser doesn't like certain web pages like The Daily Beast and it will just shut itself down.
    And, strangely, the tablet is so thin it is hard to get a case for it. There is a specially designed case for use with the tablet and also the keyboard. It's worth the money.
    Given the reduced costs, it's a good buy but you should get the optional keyboard and case.
  • TriciaJoh - So comfortable, I could wear for 11+ hours!I actually bought these. While I did it for solidarity with the women of Texas, these shoes are actually really great! They are very comfortable with lots of room in the toes while being snug at the heel (which is so hard to find in women's shoes). I ordered half a size up from my dress shoe size (which is what I normally do with sneakers), and the fit is perfect.
  • OldGal - Cute as can be and fast delivery!I ordered the Reindeer kit for my car late on a Monday evening and had them installed on my Honda Element by Friday morning. They were perfect for my little car and brought lots of smiles from my fellow travelers, which we need in today's environment. They were easy to install and remove, stood up to the harsh weather, and, of course, the scrutiny of adults and children alike. Glad I bought them - and the company who sold them was great to deal with and deserves a good rating.