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  • Misty G - I love this product!Yes, I won't lie, the taste is aweful and it is way too grainy. However, this product is VERY GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Although I am new to this, I can not BELIEVE how good it makes me feel! However, I do not know about anyone else but it does take me more than just one minute to stomache this down. More like 30 minutes. lol. How it makes my body feel afterwards though is worth the grainy and awful taste. I would recommend this product to anyone, any day.
  • pb_bay - Can see the new hairs growing inI had experienced hair loss after having a child about 6 months after birth and it was quite noticeable at my hair line. My ponytail got so much smaller in diameter. 2 years later, I haven't fully recovered all the hair loss, but little by little. I bought this to see if it would help but did not try it that frequently. Recently, however, I started to apply it at my widows peak and temples where there was hardly any hair left at all and about 2 weeks later, i have a lot of 2 in long baby hairs in both locations. I know they say that the hair loss is just because your body is catching up to all the hair you did not lose during your pregnancy, but I am skeptical about that. My doctor said that I would have had a thinning hair problem irregardless of having a baby, but I really disagree with this. I had very thick hair all my life and even did Accutane and survived that crazy hair loss without any noticeable thinning on my scalp (and that was a lot of hair loss). The hair loss with pregnancy I experienced was unreal! I intend to continue using this and hope that I can get my full head of hair back soon! On a side note, I did ask my doctor about how to try to avoid the hair loss if I have another baby and she said that if I go back onto hormonal BC after 3 months of nursing, that will definitely help. It's the lack of the pregnancy hormones that signals your body to start shedding. And most moms go off of any hormonal birth control indefinitely because they are nursing. But my doctor said that it is safe to go back on after 3 months. I intend to try this the next time around and see if this can also prevent hair loss.
  • Guy Campeau - Great Pink Floyd albumAnimals is not as famous as "Dark side of the moon" or "Wish you were here" but this is a must have album.

    "Dogs" is an amazing track, with great guitars solo from David.

    "Pigs" (Three different ones) is a great track and a memorable rythm.

    "Sheep" is stunning with his aggressive rythm guitar and great keyboard.

    "Pigs on the wing" one and two, should have been mixed in one track.

    I know there is a version of it, mixed togheter with a guitar solo in between. Far superior than the two small cuts on the album.
  • Alexandra C. Z. Swafford - Gotta say I really am impressedI was researching for a new vacuum, have three Beagles and had not used an upright vacuum in years nor ever a bagless model. The 'price was right' and I ordered it.

    Delighted with the suction power and really like seeing all the dust, etc. picked up. Carpet felt and looked truly vacuumed. My old Panasonic canister had stopped working for a while, so it was not a fair comparison, but clearly worked very well.
    Took it up to my mother's house with an old wool carpet, and had to stop and empty the canister ever 10 square feet!

    I purchased a swivel head Shark for my home, and left this one at my mother's. The only real complaints are the smallish width of the head, the lack of terrific edging and that the machine is 'bulky' in front, so it does not go under furniture well; bangs quite a bit and is inconvenient.

    For an inexpensive vacuum, not worrying about bags, terrific suction...I am very pleased.