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  • John "nissanman" - Windows 8 is nice but not necessaryWindows 8 Pro went on my older computer running windows 7 with absolutely no problems. It took about 2 hours and was flawless. I left everything hooked up and left all my external hard drives connected along with scanner and printer. The only thing I had to do was uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials during the download. They have the uninstall button for you to hit. After the download and everything looking good the Windows Defender had to update which took a while. After everything was done you have a bunch of Apps on Windows 8 just like a smart phone. You also have the Windows 7 Desk Top which you can switch back to if you want. I hate to say it, but I use the Windows 7 desktop or actually my old Windows 7 more then my Windows 8 Desktop. I am playing with the Windows 8 and getting use to it. I don't care for IE 10 and continue to use Firefox more then the other browsers that I have on my Windows 7 Desk top. I am giving the Upgrade a 5 for how simple it was and flawless even though I may not use it that much. I have added many apps from the app store at Microsoft. I am definitely playing with all the different Apps, but in general computer business I use Windows 7 desktop more as I said already. The apps can be arranged and moved around on the windows 8 desk top.
    I would probably not get the upgrade from Windows 7 if you do not need to at this time. It works fine but if I were to do it again I would wait till my old PC dies and go buy another PC with Windows 8. If you like to be up on the new stuff go for it and you will have both 7 and 8 if you are upgrading from 7.
  • BoreBrotherBore - Greatest android device outI just received my Asus transformer prime 64GB in mail yesterday. I haven't put it down yet. The UI is Amazing. Most times I install a alternative launcher like Adw or Go. With this tablet there is no need. The screen is amazing. The processor is top of the line. The build quality is solid. The screen is very reactive. I haven't had any wifi issues at all. However the GPS is the only draw back I have seen so far. For me I didn't buy the tablet for that feature. So it doesn't bother me. I also realize that it is new to the market and new updates might bring a fix to that. I am waiting for more games to be released that really show this tablet off. Grand theft auto 3 plays great on it. If you got Tablet problems I feel bad for ya son I got 99 problems but this Tablet aint one lol
  • youdontknowme42 - everyone deserves an educationI bought this for my multi-felon nephew.

    With two copies, Internet access and two web cams I essentially taught him what he needed to know from here he left off in high school to pass the G.E.D. It took seven weeks of continuous effort and dedication on both his and my part.

    My nephew passed the G.E.D. with a B+ average, the highest test score he's ever received. He took a competency class for advanced welding and passed; he's now in welding school for complex jobs that lead to six figure payout.

    I'd speculate that this story is no different from any other offering the same content. What sold me was the price and the ability to receive the item quickly.

    What the book turned out to be was an excellent guidebook on the topics necessary to complete the intended task (Get G.E.D.) without complication. Easy for him to understand, easy for me to explain - easy to comprehend. It uhh even reminded me of some things.

    In short: for those looking at the book for yourself or a loved one JUST GET THE BOOK. It worked for my hard-luck knuckle-headed beloved super-felon nephew it will work for you.
  • srcrowder - Totally doable eating planThis is an easy to follow plan using good food choices that are readily available in most markets. I like the fact that food categories are switched all in the same week, which keeps me from feeling deprived in any way. I look forward to using this eating plan more in the future in order to "wake up" my metabolism.
  • twincreeks "twincreeksjeff" - Great all around jacket.I have worn this jacket for 3 or 4 years now. It is durable, standing up to repeated washings and a rough work environment. It is comfortable enough for all day wear on cool days, and warm enough on cold days. I bought it as a uniform jacket,but I wear it all the time, leaving my other jackets in the closet.Sized perfectly.