Friends of Narconon Intl - Drug Education - Friends of Narconon Intl provides drug education and information through video, books and anti-drug activities to reduce the drug problem in society.

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  • Harvey - A Call to Christian DiscipleshipIf you want to be challenged to grow in your Christian faith, this book is highly recommended. What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? What is a Christian's role and responsibility in the world? All these questions and more are addressed eloquently and in easy to understand language.
  • Abbey Lawrence - Essential ReadingThis is such an important book. Since a close friend's daughter developed late-onset autism, I've been reading everything about treatments that I can get my hands on, and there's nothing else like this available. With autism rates growing so quickly, people have to start thinking outside the box, and this book is the place to start. Every parent, relative, or friend of a child with autism should be considering every treatment available and weighing their merits seriously. Here are some of the therapies and subjects discussed in the book:

    -Antiepileptic Treatments
    -Art Therapy
    -Dietary interventions
    -Leaky gut and autism
    -Speech-language therapy
    -Nutritional supplementation

    There are many more. Carefully researched but very readable, this is a book for parents, medical professionals, or anyone who wants to improve the life of an autistic child they care about. There are so many unknowns surrounding autism--it's thrilling and very encouraging to get an inside view of the progress being made to understand and treat it.
  • P. Livingstone - It's available used!I'm gonna save myself a few bucks and order it used ... then once I know it's worth the extra 2 dollars I'll raise the ante and buy some new ones which I can sell on and get rich...

    When times are hard like now and where I live in Saigon it's a real boon to see a product hit the market that can change our lives for the better!
  • John "coffeelover51" - wonderful, easy lattesWe may finally be free of Starbucks. While this machine does not make a latte in the traditional way the results are amazing and taste as good as any. What's nice is that the results are consistently good - we've tired of the hit-or-miss coffees from Starbucks and other chains. We use 7 (not the recommended 6) teaspoons of coffee for the "double" serving and whole milk. Recommend good fresh ground Italian Roast coffee (we use Trader Joe's) Great purchase, hope the somewhat complex mechanism lasts.