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  • Veronica - LOVE this product!LOVE this product! After just a few uses I saw a great improvement in the lines around my eyes and on my forehead. It even made my skin glow in a dewy way that no other product or treatment at the spa has. After two months of using I have virtually no lines around my eyes anymore. Would recommend this over an expensive treatment at spa or botox any day!
  • Fred U Guventurk - Sugar controlI have severe sugar fluctuation. I used to carry food so I won't get sugar crash. I tried few different brands.
    Some were good but some just didn't do anything. This is one of the brand that working well. instead of 1000 mg I got 500 mg and using it 3 times a day. I stopped cholesterol and triglyceride medication to avoid side effects. After 3 months I had to start
    medication again but using garcinia cambogia 500mg once or twice a day. Some people are afraid to use medication together with garcinia cambogia. I have to use it together because can't handle sugar crash anymore.
    Update:10/8/2013 Still taking statin and niaspan. I am not able to take more than 2 500 mg garcina cambogia a day. Otherwise getting palpitations and severe exhaustion. one Am and second one around 2 pm is keeping my hunger and sugar level in control. I am not experiencing the headaches and disorientation due to hunger and sugar crash. No medication will work this good to control your sugar and sugar craving.
  • Lisa Galloway Mauler - Quickbooks 2011Bought QB 2011 for a use during a QB's class, so I could do my homework at home,and it helped immensely. I was worried that I'd have problems ordering an open box, but had no issues with the software, and finished my class much faster. I already have the 2012 version to use for my small business, which I've already begun to set up.
  • jestans "jestans" - Take it to Restaurants - Love itWe bought this chair for our 8 month old son. We have a regular high chair at home, but keep this in the car at all times. We take it in to restaurants, or use it at Grandma's house or friends houses. It is an essential baby and toddler item for us. Restaurants usually have hight chairs, but they are usually the standard wooden ones and aren't set to the table height of the tables at the restaurant. So, our toddler was often too low and hitting his head on the table or not able to reach what he wanted. With this chair, he is always the perfect height, and pulled right up to the table. He is secure, and loves it. It has worked fabulously for us for that use. I wouldn't use it for a daily high chair, but for a baby on the go, this is fantastic. He is now 15 months and we still use it all the time. It adjusts to any table, and is really secure. The only slight issue we've had, is if the table isn't weighted right, the extra weight on one end can make it unstable and he could hypotethically tip the table over. So, we check the table steadiness before we let go and are now pros at knowing where in a rectangular table to hook him. We love it, I can't recommend it more highly. We have people see it all the time and ask what it is because it is so handy.