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  • Anwar Allen - A Radical Change is Needed...Awesome book!!! It calls us to give 1 year of our life to some small things that lead us to live more for Christ's mission and less for the American Dream. In short we are challenged to read more of the bible, pray more for the world, and get more involved in our communities, which allows us to spend more time in a Jesus glorifying context. This book is a must read for anyone who asked the same questions I did. What is God's plan in our lives? Aren't we here to change things in this world? What more can I do to make an impact on this generation? This book gives us some great resources and insight to help us wake up from an American Dream.

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  • MatthewOaken - Essential to every whovian.This is with no doubt the ultimate guide to the 5th season of Doctor Who. If you like to know backstage details, production secrets, curious facts about the cast and links between the new series and the classic one, this is THE book!
  • Hilary Morse - Performance and FunctionI love how lightweight this is. I like to go jogging/powerwalking and this stroller makes it so much easier. Its handle and wheels make for easy maneuvering. The easy fold and open makes this ideal for crazy Texas weather. I never know if I am going to get caught in the rain and I definitely would not want to be caught in bad weather trying to load a stroller in the car.