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  • Casper Black - Ann remains the American left's worst nightmareAnn Coulter's witty demeanor and hard facts is what drives the libtards blood pressure through the roof. Studies have shown that liberals have far more cases of anxiety and depression than conservatives and she's one of the reasons. Mugged is one of the realest books on race you'll ever read. Like usual, she doesn't sugar coat. And she exposes the liberal bloodsuckers exploiting white "guilt" for their own sinister reasons. Just read it. You'll find yourself agreeing with majority of the book.
  • Anthony Sindoni - Best bang for your buckI bought this online with faith in the reviews I've read online.
    After having poor luck with the G Grip, and being terribly underwhelmed by the mini Jawbone, and Beats Pill, I decided I'd throw the money down on this, knowing I'd be able to return it if unsatisfied. Let me say before continuing, I'm not an audiophile purist per say, but I find audio quality to be more important than say visuals in a video game. What you see is one thing, but you need to feel immersed with audio. Needless to say, I'm nitpicky about audio quality.


    -Build quality is unrivaled by anything that isnt well over 300 bucks. Definitely top notch. All at the tune of $160 at time of purchase.

    -The lighted soft rubber touch buttons on the top really give it a premium feeling as much as the super sturdy chassis, and the color choice for each button, as well as the fading volume button lights is a very nice choice.

    -Audio quality is stellar for a unit of this size, as well as price. The Beats Pill gets loud, but it loses depth quickly. The jawbone simply isnt as loud as either, and the audio is 'lifeless' in comparison.. From Rock, to blues, to hip hop/rap, techno, heavy metal, to country these sound great. Bass response is very nice, and the mids and highs are very full and bright in most cases. The audio is definitely room filling. I was testing it in the garage while having a smoke, playing music over the A33, and at about 75% volume I would say I could still enjoy the music from the neighbors property (standard middle class neighborhood, so not extravagantly large yards, but still) across the street.

    -As I'm writing this review, I'm jamming with it sitting on a shelf. The acoustics are great with it on a table, but it really comes to life when on a shelf, in a box, or really anything that'll let the notes amplify off of the surfaces surrounding.

    -USB port for charging your device while playing music, movies, games, whatever. Only a 1 amp port, but hey, unless you're doing heavy gaming or movie watching, I'm sure the charging port will keep up just fine.

    -The kickstand on the bottom does help a fair bit in getting cleaner, more full audio into your ear holes.

    -Bluetooth pairing is seamless and easy as can be. Havent had any issues as of yet. Quality loss from bluetooth streaming is very minimal, if even noticeable. Sometimes I get confused as to whether there's noise in the signal, or it's simply so clear that it's a detail in the song I've never noticed before. Almost all the time, it's thankfully the latter.

    -Aux support is nice, but I probably plan to have it synced via bluetooth. Ya know, that was kind of the point of this device, but at least it's there if I dont have a charger for my phone and want to conserve battery life.

    - Battery life is a solid 5-6 hours depending on volume level.

    -Would be an even better buy if cheaper of course, but dont count this, as the price isnt unjustified, it's cheaper than the Jawbone by around 20USD, and the Pill by about 40USD.

    -As good as the build quality is, the little rubber/foam pads on the bottom, that reduce vibrations as well as helping grip to surfaces, feel a bit on the cheap side, and could be 'stickier'. But it's definitely no deal breaker.

    -Could have come with a nice little carry case, even if for five bucks more or something. I'd rather not simply throw it in a backpack uncovered or whatever. It's too nice to me mistreat.

    -Even though I said Heavy metal sounded great in the pro's up top, I want to reiterate that some heavy metal like Dethklok in particular get a little noisy, but it might be due to EQ settings used on my phone.

    -After continual use it does get fairly warm, but nothing that will burn your hand, and not even as hot as my LG Optimus G gets under heavy gaming with the quad core unleashed.

    -After reading the materials enclosed in the packaging while it was charging the first time I noticed something bizarre, and a little irritating. On the warranty information slip, not even trying to hide this from anyone, it clearly says the USA gets a 1 year warranty, and that European customers get a 2 year warranty. I cant fathom the reason for this, but I dont like it. However, not a deal breaker.

    Realistically, I dont find anything in the con's area to be a deal breaker, for the money, you really wont find anything better, in my opinion.
    In the future if anything changes, I'll edit this review, but in the mean time I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Can definitely recommend for the money.