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  • kemkec - Best product for upset tummies!Have been taking this probiotic for about 3 years now, even during pregnancy. Anytime I'm off of it for a week or two I can tell a big difference and I'm ready to start back up again. I was diagnosed with IBS and then eventually fructose intolerance. My GI doc suggested that I take this probiotic. I'm able to eat pretty much any foods that I want as long as I'm taking this product. There are still a few irritants for me like garlic, onions, apples, pears. I tend to bloat, have gas & pains if I eat a lot of these products. Align definitely minimizes the reaction though. Amazon has the best price that I have found so far.
  • Angela C. Larson - pretty amazingAfter years of suffering and no diagnosis, I was weak to the point that I couldn't even wash my hair in the shower without exhaustion and pain. I really thought there would just be a day when I wouldn't wake up in the morning. I prayed and prayed for whatever was wrong with me to be revealed. After what seemed like every test under the sun, my gastro doctor had me perform a breath test, which revealed a high level of bad bacteria in my small intestine (SIBO). He basically told me to stay away from milk, take a special antibiotic, and all would be well. He was wrong. I was still so miserable. A nutritional panel was run, and I was deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals. My intestines were not absorbing nutrients. After doing my own research, I came upon this book. I can honestly say that this is what saved me. I followed the diet very strictly, and after about four months, I started to feel like myself again. I do take vitamin supplements, and I cannot live without the yogurt (regular cow's milk). After 2+ years, I am still not able to eat many foods. I have decided that if I want to feel well, this is the basic diet I need to follow. Is it easy? NO. But it is so much better than the alternative. I wish doctors were more educated about nutrition. It is truly the key to overall well-being.
  • Janet L. Witkosky - So Far, So GoodSo far, I love my new Shark Navigator. I cannot believe the power of it. Clearly, my old vacuum has not been working for a very long time, because of what was in the Shark's canister.
    I also love the carry handle on the top and the the fact that it is so lightweight.
    I'm very pleased with this purchase.
  • "roy@gghc.com" - Update of my 1/21/99 reviewIt's been six months since my first review and I'd like to give you an update. I am 99% clear and I use Dovonex on the remaining 1%. I have posted my experiences on various psoriasis web sites and have had written correspondence with psoriasis sufferers from all over the world. If you'd like to get off the steroids and light treatments, this may be your ticket. It doesn't work for everyone but if you have a moderate to severe case, why not give it a try. What have you got to lose but your psoriasis. You can reach me at the above address if you need or want additional information.
  • JOAN JACKSON - engrossing historydeals with the process of setting up anne bolyn for being ousted as queen so that henry viiith can marry jane seymour. history books just state bare facts. this is a beautifully written description of the elaborate machinations required to make henry's ousting of her acceptable to the country and overseas allies and enemies. the writer manages to get the reader very involved and, as in reading mysteries, wondering what on earth is going to be the next step and how it will impact characters you have been led to care about. it lived up to all the raves i heard in advance from friends who had read it.