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University of Pennsylvania Health System | Penn Medicine - Penn Medicine is dedicated to high-quality patient care and service, advancing medical science through research, and educating the next generation of leaders in medicine. It includes three hospitals in Philadelphia and outpatient centers throughout the region.


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City: 19104 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Richard Clapp - Best action fun show since SmallvilleLet's be honest, we all love a good hero show. In this case, it is a ragtag group of them with no super powers. Think a bit of Avengers (not superhero group) + knight rider (for cool gadgets) and A-Team for the Fun. Shake well and add one agent Coulson.on top. The only thing I am hoping for is the occasional cameo from various Marvel heroes..
  • Elsie - Healing PsoriasisIt has been an immense help and the price was fantastic. I think this is a great starting guide for learning about this condition and giving one initial ideas on how to combat it naturally. This opened my eyes to needed lifestyle changes, and I refer to it quite often. If you are looking for a better understanding of what psoriasis is (basically the many things dermatologists and doctors won't tell you) and what you can do to reverse it on your own, I highly suggest this book. Although, it does provide much advice that will differ with each individual struggling with the condition. I am very happy with this purchase.
  • Bill Matthews - Malwarebytes 2013It got rid of the FBI bug that i picked up form the Pirate Bay web site. I would recommend this software for anybody who wishes to prowl the internet, and go onto websites that their virus software tells them they shouldn't. Especially if you are using McAfee. They seem to warn you about potential dangers, but they don't do very much to stop them. The Malwarebytes blocks all the crap, and tells you about it in two seconds.
  • Meg Foster - A great bag for a very particular laptopI've owned one Timbuk2 bag from years ago that has held up incredibly well, so it was a no-brainer to go with another one for my laptop. This is a great size for a large computer like mine, a 17" widescreen. The pocket for the laptop has these little "nubs" inside it which both protect the laptop and keep it from any sliding (which there isn't much to speak of in the first place). It is incredibly roomy and customizable, with organizers that you can rearrange to your preference inside the main pocket (via a system of fabric loops and Velcro). It's a very cool set up.

    The shoulder strap is well-built and comes with a good shoulder pad. No worries about it digging into your shoulder.

    My one "negative" (and this is light) is that the color selection is limited. This is incredibly minor, but I'm just putting it out there.
  • elephant - very satisfiedgreat quality apps, love the seamless integration with facebook, twitter, linkedin, hotmail etc. Very appealing visually in software as well as hardware. Love the Carl Zeiss lens and above all the USB data transfer so that I can transfer from my linux machine also. I don't have to wait for iTunes or anything.
    Another amazing thing is that as Nokia claims, the screen is really scratch proof. I accidentally dropped my new phone on a pebbled surface. The corners did get bruised a little bit but there was not even a mark on the screen even though the phone landed face down on that pebbled ground.