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  • Ronald Day "Being right is not enough" - It's about time.If you ever watched my wife cut a banana it would drive you crazy. She insists on cutting all the slices at an angle, none of them are the same thickness or length, she throws out the ends and rarely gets through the whole banana without squashing at least part of it with the hand she is holding it with while cutting. The final result is better for making a banana smoothy than the banana and mustard sandwich she makes for my lunch every day.

    In an effort to save my marriage I searched for the best banana slicer I could find. The Hutzler 574 Banana Slicer does the job and now I have perfect sandwiches and a perfect marriage. My wife now enjoys a task she dreaded, her only complaint is that it won't slice at an angle, which I think is a plus.
  • Jennifer Mathiesen - AMAZING!!This is the BEST carrier I've ever tried and I've tried several. I have a very bad back so most carriers aggravate my back...not this one. What really impressed me is that this was developed by a pediatrician and an orthopedic doctor so that it is good for both mommy and baby! I love it and have recommended it to several friends who are expecting!
  • Smoofy Smoof - As advertised.My doctor said it best, "If a product works then you won't hear about it, but if a product fails then everyone becomes a bitter critic". So, for my two cents for what it's worth; the product for the last five months has worked for me. My hair loss was minimal and mostly involved the left temple receding higher then I wanted, which caused a noticeable gap sometimes when my medium-long hair was parted, but since taking this product the gap has seemed to vanish. Even examining my hair I can tell it has been filling in slowly.

    Is it a permanent solution, having to apply a substance to my head twice a day for thirty seconds a pop? No, but also I like to remain optimistic and believe we are closer to an actual cure. So, my mind set now is that if I can fight this long enough by using a product such as Rogaine, then why not? Roughly, it cost me about 150 for a year supply. If that's all it takes to remain youthful when I'm pushing thirty then by all means, take my money.
  • Jeremy - Webroot it and forget it!Today it is all about online devices from notebooks to tablets to smartphones. It is data on the move with access anywhere anytime. So who has time to deal a virus or online threat? Would you rather be socializing, sharing data, and enjoying some video content, or fighting a digital virus or threat? The answer is clear: Webroot it and forget it. It is as simple as that.
  • A. Leith - Been in love for 3 month!I love these shoes. I have had them for about 3 months. I got them because I hate running. The shoe store I got them at suggested them because I walk on the outside of my foot (supinate). I actually don't hate running anymore! I have the Aruba Blue color which are really pretty in real life, the picture here does not do them justice. Overall very comfortable and great quality. I also am so proud to own them since Wendy Davis wore the same shoes to filibuster!