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  • Susie Q - Sugar Free Haribo CandyWhen ordering these Haribo Gummy Bears I was both excited and worried. Excited at the possibilty that my favorite gummy bear maker had a sugar free version and worried that it would taste horrible! My whole family loves them and can NOT tell the difference. They have the same quality as the original and you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!!!
  • Susan Windhorst "swindhorst67" - Best book I've ever purchasedI purchased this book because I was tired of conventional medicine and its nonefficacy for me. The book was a life saver to me. I am still in the process but my condition is markedly improved! I am thrilled with this book.
  • Jason Warren Smith - A great phoneThis phone is a great buy. For starters you can see and fell the amount of design work done on it. When you hold it in your hand it feels like a quality product and the way it slopes on the sides helps for your hand to cradle it. Also the way all the manual buttons (volume, power/lock, camera) are on the side of the phone allows for you to intuitively use the phone one handed despite its larger size. I was skeptical of the wireless charging as first, seemed like a frivolous add on, but I have to admit it is nice to just pick the phone up off the charge pad. The camera has been pushed hard by Nokia and I have to admit it takes some great low light photos and you have to work to take a shaky photo with it. Also I feel like the image quality is clearer than your typical smartphone camera. The screen is also very impressive. It does as advertised work with gloves on and in direct sunlight increased the contrast on the screen so items pop out a bit more which is great when you trying to read an email on the go. In addition I don't feel the glare from the sun is all that noticeable.

    The introduction of the dual core processor is an improvement over the WP7 I had, it makes an already smooth OS even smoother and very responsive. The many Nokia apps are easy to use and stable as well as just fun to use. City lens is the best AR food app I have used so far. Overall it is a great phone and would recommend it to anyone.
  • Rose City - Everyone needs to read itZeitoun was my introduction to Dave Eggers. I'm unfamiliar with his other works and after Zeitoun I'm a fan. When hurricane Katarina struck I was living in another country and missed the experience of hurricane Katrina. I really didn't realize the toll on America and how much we failed New Orleans. I grabbed this book from a library shelf and was unable out it down. Read it in 2 days. It's a sometimes slow read but it gradually builds up and you can't put it down. Eggers focuses on this one family's experience. It's their story and their reaction to the Hurricane. Eggers doesn't remark on his personal opinion or theories. The father (name to long for me to remember) was born in Syria and raised to work at sea. He landed in New Orleans and worked various jobs. Eventually he owns a successful contracting business in New Orleans. Kathy his wife an American much younger than her husband decides to convert to Islam as a young adult. Together they have 3 children. They're dedicated Muslims and their faith is at the core of their story. The basic theme of this book is one family's experience in surviving hurricane Katrina and her aftermath.
    It begins a few days before Katina and ends a few weeks after Katrina. It tells the experience of Zeitoun coming to America and becoming a successful contractor. A man that is kind, hard-working, loving, and stubborn. He decides to stay behind after his wife and children evacuate. The story centers around him. After the storm, his day's are filled with basic tasks. However, the story changes after the levees breaks. Zeitoun now forges New Orleans in a steel canoe bought for $75. He rescues people, dogs, neighbors and believes it was his destiny to stay behind. At first, the city seems calmer than the rumors of murders, rapes, and looting. He continues to do the same daily routine. As a reader you will soon come to respect and admire his kind and graceful heart. He rescues with no question, he just does it because it's the right thing to do. This man loves his community & city and it shows through his actions. Kathy his wife calls daily giving him updated information from the media. She worries and requests for him to fly to Arizona, where she is staying. He declines and believes God wants him to stay behind. He has a few remaining neighbors who join him on his quest and they support each other after Katrina. You keep your eyes open for Zeitoun, will the looters come to his house? Please don't go near the dome! Please stay away the city center! Listen to your wife and leave New Orleans!! These are the things you repeat to yourself because you want safety for him.

    Half-way through the novel, Zeitoun's experience changes drastically. It quickly goes from a hopeful experience to an unbelievable American nightmare. What you don't expect is, he survives Katrina and the chaos afterwards, only to fall into the hands of a corrupt system. Even after the horrible experience of Katrina, Homeland Security is more worried about terrorism than thousands of Americans wihtout food and water. In Zeitouns aftermath you worry about looters, violence, disease, but end up truly fearing the government. FEMA was a disaster (from arrests to no organization), our National Guard was a disaster (ignoring citizens calling out for help arrests, ignoring pleas for one phone call) private security agencies were prevelant(aka Blackwater). I kept saying to myself, turning page after page,this can't be America! Did this really happen and can it happen again? I'm glad I wasn't in America at the time. I read it now and it breaks my heart. FEMA, the National Guard, & Homeland Security arrested and illegally detained American citizens. They labeled most arrests as "looting". The Bush years were awful and their response to Katrina had devastating effects on the people in New Orleans and America. In the end, no matter how much faith you lose in a corrupt system, in this book you won't lose faith in its citizens.
    When our government fails and it's only concerned for itself, the real American dream lives in good people who continue to love their communities. No matter the amount of devastation, lawlessness, or disaster; good people are always present. Drifting through a flooded city and picking up the remains of a devastated city continuing to pray in the midst of a horrific experience. Good people always exist and their story should be told. Mr. Eggers simply tells a story of one family in New Orleans and it's a story you will never forget.
  • bfgoomba - I almost got run over by a huge ship...I once was on a floating vessel, nearly half starved and ravaged by the rays of a merciless beating sun, when my friend Wilson, well he's actually just a deflated volleyball with a painted face and some palm fronds for hair, that's not really important, but we were half dead in the middle of international waters when we were nearly capsized by a huge ship. And if I had this book, if I could have read this wonderful book at that moment, then maybe I would not have lost my dear Wilson and these awful, screaming night terrors would somehow stop. Oh, they come again. WILSON!!! WIILLSSOOONNN!!! WIIILLLLSSSOOOOONNNNNN!!!! Buy this book...NOW!