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  • schizobovine - Fantastic, eye-opening bookI happened upon this book discreetly lying about in a good friend's library, almost as if she had hidden it just well enough for the casual observer to miss but obvious enough for the curious. And with such a provocative title, could one not be curious about this book?

    Preface: you must be open-minded to get the full benefit to this book. If a world where the word "slut" is not an insult, but a compliment, is inconceivable or impossibly distasteful, save your money.

    However, if you think sex can be a good thing, if the idea that heterosexual monogamy *isn't* the only option, then get this book (if you haven't read it already, of course). If I was asked what the most important books on sexuality would be for a library, this would be among them.

    Eaton & Hardy demystifying other relationship possibilities, taking the time to explain all the basics -- sex/gender aren't the same things, gender preference isn't a binary thing, and loving only a single other person forever isn't the only way. They present the various ways all of this fits together, and gave me a good understanding of the core concepts that underly sexual, romantic, and otherwise (for the Greek-knowning, erotic, filial, and agape) fulfilling relationships of all kinds. There's no magic here, but that's the beauty of it. Keep an open mind, defer your judgment, and *communicate*.

    They give a great discussion on jealous, how it fits in, and how to manage it. You'll be shocked to hear that the answer to that is *gasp* open & honest communication. ;)

    If nothing else, you'll finish reading and find yourself more knowledgeable about others you may meet (or already know, as it turned out I did), while still being all the more confident in yourself. Perhaps you'll try something new out. Maybe that experience will change your life; maybe it'll just be a fun story to tell at parties. And all this while making a commitment to mutual respect that makes the world a nicer, sexier place to live.
  • ShopNW - A continued fan of QuickenI have been a quicken user since 1996.
    I tried to switch over to something else and found Quicken to still be the more intuitive desktop solution available out there.
    I typically buy every new revision and always find the new features, no matter how small, are always useful. Again continue to be satisfied by this intuit product to manage my finances and don't foresee switching to anything different in the foreseeable future.
    Great for tracking all bank, credit card and online accounts, investments, assets, etc. Also great integration with quicken health expense tracking if you have an medical insurance that uses Quicken Health expense tracker features.
  • CADD Master (Robert) "CADD Master" - Very good format and very informativeA lot of books I've bought in the past were not put in a good intuitive order. This one seems very well thought out. It's ordered in a good work flow. Files are available for the example to work through. It has a lot of good information which makes it a valuable tool for learning Inventor 2013.