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  • M. Mccurry - One of Floyd's Many MasterpiecesI was just browsing through some of these reviews and noticing that they're usually either 5 stars or 1 star. The reason for this is because The Wall happens to be the most complex album ever recorded. You either have the intelligence to comprehend it or you don't, it's that simple. Roger Waters is a genius when it comes to writing. Even if you find him to be egotistical, he shines as a lyricist. I really feel sorry for the people reviewing this and only realizing the melodies, yet failing to understand the complete story being told. This is a piece that requires your full attention and asks you to think a little bit about the subject matter. Also, the subtle little things that pop up throughout the album make it that much more brilliant for those who are able to pick up on them. The sound effects that accompany the songs allow it to draw people into the work and delve deeper into the mind of the character's experiences. It really makes you feel as if you just have to stand by and watch as everything is happening: You want to reach in and lend a hand but you're unable to affect the outcome, like a bystander in an ongoing war, witnessing the horror from a safe haven.

    This is definitely the thinking man's music. Eloquence personified.
  • D. Carrie - Exposed worked when others failedAfter trying many different treatment systems including proactiv...Exposed was the only one that finally cleared my skin. It works! I've also recommended it to other friends and their teenage children and they've also had satisfying results without medication or a trip to the dermatologist. I love this so much I have it shipped wherever I am even if I happen to be out of the country. Thank you very much Exposed.
  • Chairwoman MAO "Mao-Mau" - Brilliant story and plot "twist"!This is an excellent read! I read it and just could not put it down until I was finished. There were parts that were literally laugh out loud funny and parts that were so interesting and compelling that I just had to read to my hubby with no context and he seemed to enjoy it (lol). I thought this book was brilliant and I am so excited that they are coming out with a movie! Yay Ben Affleck!
  • Fearless Artist - A MUST for every person seeking Artistic RedemptionThis book brings amazing results once you begin to do the work inside. It creates a level of satisfaction rarely felt in most so-called "self help" books. It takes you on your own journey through the twist and turns of your everyday life, ending in finding out that you are the artist you always secretly wondered you were.
  • Celeste Gonzalez Ramos - Understanding guys made easy? You better believe it!This book is phenomenal, mostly due to the fact that you don't have to change who you are and what you do in order to win the guy. I'm very pleased that this book promotes high-value behavior from women without resorting to changing how you do things or changing you personality, instead it re-enforces good behavior and teaches you how to apply what you already know with some great daring advice and down to earth tips to follow. This book is a danger, in a good way, in the sense that you will want to share this with your other female friends but at the same time you don't simply because it is so life changing and it works in the whole "guy wooing" business. 5 stars because I cannot rate it anymore. Read it, you will not regret it.