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  • Rooster7six - Love it!!!I've worked out with weights and done cardio for years so I was skeptical at first. I've been using the program for 30 days so far. This is a great workout. Very intense, and hitting muscles that I don't think I've ever gotten sore before. Even the yoga is tough!!! If you want to get in great shape I definitely recommend.
  • Martin - Finally! A way to connect with my son!At the age of 22, I had my first child: a boy. Because of medical complications (negligence!), I was left unable to have children afterwards. And because my husband is against adoption, I'll never get to be the proud mother of a beautiful little girl.

    My husband is all about turning our son into a macho, man's man type, so they've become very close- primarily through playing sports and working on my husband's hot rod together. Consequently, my son and I had begin to grow a bit distant. Until....

    One day I went into my bedroom and found my son sprawled on my bed, busily making the sweetest, prettiest drawings. Hearts. Barbies. Bees. Flowers. Rolling pins. Dolphins. We spent the rest of that glorious afternoon writing each other cute notes and drawing the sweetest tattoos on each other--an afternoon we'll both surely cherish forever. All thanks to Bic for Her, so I know this won't be the next in a long list of things I love that my husband has taken away from me.
  • Brian T Watford - An Incredible Read - for both Male and Female AudiencesTerrance J's "The Wealth of My Mother's Wisdom: The Lessons That Made My Life Rich" is a truly inspirational story - for both male and female audiences of all ages. The story inspired me, specifically, because Terrance and I share similar interests and upbringings: radio and broadcasting, a close mother-son relationship, and growing up in rural eastern North Carolina.

    I recall hearing a young Terrance J, "The Youngest In Charge" as he broadcast on the radio, weekends on Soul 92 Jams in Rocky Mount. Thereafter, I've watched his career blossom tremendously. This book links many of the events and relationships that have ultimately allowed him to reach his current level of success. The common denominator in it all is his ability to tap into and count on the wisdom and support of his mother. Her words of wisdom and his lessons learned, as demonstrated in this book, should serve as inspiration to many. Keep up the good work, Terrance.