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  • H. Marquis - Great Action but not for NovicesThis is a great game for racing but it is really hard to get past the learning stage of the game so you can really start racing. This is not my first racing game so its not just me. I also didn't use the ps3 controller I use a thrustmaster tr500 steering wheel and pedals which might of been my problem but I wanted the real feel of racing.
  • K. Lowery "kmlow" - Working for me for my SIBOI have been on this diet for 3 weeks now and haven't felt this good in 5 years. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with SIBO after 2 years of test after test. I went through 5 rounds of antibiotics. That finally relieved my pain but over the last year it has returned. So this time I am opting for the dietary treatment with BTVC and the SCDiet. It is a strict diet but doable. And to have relief from the pain and bloating it is worth the restrictions. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who wants to try heal their intestinal health through diet. Oh and SIBO isn't listed as a condition this book with help but I have heard that this is what Elaine was describing as the vicious cycle by a doctor who specializes in SIBO.
  • MamaJeannine - Yes! Approved by my son and DIL (both teachers!)Purchased one earlier for another grandgirl. She loved it so we are getting our other grandkids ones for Christmas. A great system for all levels of learning. My son and his wife are both teachers and they don't mind this 'busy box' since most of the games teach basic skills as well as advancing to higher levels as their daughter masters them. I was afraid it would be set aside as another piece of technology that insulates people from each other without teaching anything. Happy that there's no "Grand Theft Auto" options for this!

    A great system. Don't forget a screen protector (seriously! Buy it now!) as well as the gel bumpers and carrying case. You'll be glad you popped for the extras. Been almost a year since we bought the first one and it looks almost new with daily use.