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  • Derelyn Harris - I can explore!I love the large screen, the loudness and the fact that it names the streets. Having just moved to another state, the Garmin gives me the freedom to explore with the assurance that I'll be able to find my way home safely. The speed limit indicator is also of great help as these roadways are all new to me.
  • Peter Lorenz - So few state they speak for so many...I have been using Quicken since the 1990s. The program has always worked as promised with a few bugs now and then. I read some of the reviews and wish to say, if you can't stand the heat stay out of the first releases. It is not easy to put out a powerful product and have it totally bug free to everyone. I too have worked in IT for many years and find these people some of the biggest whiners. When I first got Quicken 2013 it did not log onto my bank, but not to worry, Quicken had a work around that worked wonderfully until the bank and Quicken worked out the issues. If you wish to sit out on the edge of cutting edge software be prepared to get your butt cut once in a while.

    I speak for myself and I bought Quicken for the powerful banking and finance tracking. I am not looking to bank on the go. I do not want the tiniest screen to look at. I want a full screen program to use. Do I use cutting edge software, you are darn right. All you IT guys, where are the comments that you have used Quicken with Windows 8 for the last year. Windows 8 just came out you say, maybe for you guys but I have been running the beta since its release in February of last year. And even though Quicken 2012 was NEVER tested on the Win8 beta version, it worked flawlessly.

    Quicken has been and probably will be one of the most stable and dependable software pack out on the market. I have tried all of Quickens competition and have found this is the best full functioning financial tracking and maintaining software offered. Not only does it offer ease of use it is also the most powerful financial program offered at its price to home and small business users.

    Yes, I can not recommend any other program that can do a better job then Quicken. The normal user will not find a better software pack. The next step up is Peachtree and if you look at that you better take heart medicine before you look at the price.

    BTW, what some have whined about is an extra downloadable app for a phone, not a part of the Quicken program at all.
  • K. Harvey - Good review of new featuresThe guide goes into sufficient depth on the new features of SQL 2012 to make it a worthwhile read.

    I've been using SQL since version 6.5, so I would prefer a book like this one that is not a rehash of features in prior editions of SQL unless they are updated.

    It wasn't a quick-read for me with the new features and their implementations discussed in detail.