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  • Swarovski - A Great Story!This is one of those books where you just get sucked into it. You cannot stop reading. The story is playing like a movie in your head, you remember all the details. If those kinds of books interest you then I strongly recommend this book. Not only is the story great, the authors telling is great too! I am not one to spoil so I will describe with details. Trust me you will fall in love with this book.
  • SuzieMac - Should've Bought This Years Ago! SO Worth It!!So funny to be asked to write a review on this today as I was just at the optometrist's office with my daughter and our doctor brought up how crazy it is with two little boys at home. I brought up the program and she had already heard of it. Her ears perked up and she had some serious interest in hearing more, so I told her the truth: I would pay double for the program, it is that good.

    We have a soon to be 18 year old living at home. He has one more year of high school. He was Dx'd with ODD and ADHD since kindergarten, plus a learning disorder. I almost thought we'd be getting this program too late, but we've turned around our situation within a few weeks! Some things turned around within a single DAY. We recommend that you stick with the program and get as much support as possible. Give it time, because it can take awhile for all the lessons to sink in.

    We have found the program to be useful just in general, meaning the lessons are applicable to the other adults in our lives, too. This program is cognitive behavioral therapy and WILL work if you do what they tell you to do/say. Talk therapy never did us any good around our house. This program is different and it works.

    Not only for "problem" children, we recommend the program as a preventative measure. It offers solid parenting skills from which everyone can benefit. I bet it would take "average" (non-problem) kids to become downright exceptional citizens.
  • C. DiStefano "office_books" - Should be required reading for everyone who wants to feel betterThis is an outstanding book on many levels. On first glance it is the beautiful pictures that caught my eye. The pictures of people standing and moving naturally and then reading the text and the descriptions of the underlying mechanics of proper posture.

    I am an acupuncturist and I see a lot of patients with varying degrees of back and shoulder pain. I was attracted to this book initially because of its title. I then read some reviews and watched Esther speak on the google talk. After getting the book, I started doing some of the exercises myself and got the stretch sit cushion. I could begin to feel the difference. I started doing the exercises in the book and was impressed with how well they were laid out, and how they were easy to do. The hard part for me is remembering to change my old habits.

    I wanted to be able to help myself and my patients. Rather than trying to sit straight and forcing myself into a convoluted posture or knowing a patient needs structural correction that PT has not been able to help, I feel like I have finally found techniques and exercises that truly help someone to use their natural architecture to support their bodies and have easy pain-free movement.

    I recently attended her class, and I had the pleasure to work with Esther and she is amazing with her commitment to this work and her compassion for the people she teaches are boundless. I believe this is incredibly powerful work. I have found that since I started I have more energy through the day, I sleep better, and I feel less tension in my back.
  • mtbiker "mtbiker" - Must Have for IT ProfessionalsAs one who has to deal with the endless stupidity of users and their moronic questions, nothing aids in the teaching of computer skills quite like the Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray. No more asking, "Did you reboot?" Just hit them with a quick burst of this magic pixie dust-in-a-can and they seem to immediately know what to do. It's revolutionizing customer support.