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  • J "Z" - Read the review from people who have played the game!After waiting years & years for this day to get here, it's finally here. From my first impression it doesn't disappoint! I've played through ACT 1 so far and I love it!! The graphics are awesome, the game play is intense. Whats not to like. I can't understand all the bad review so far. The single player mode doesn't even interest me, because I enjoy playing with others online. Is the game exactly like Diablo 1 &, would you want it to be?? I think they made the game exactly like I would expect them to, different than the first two, but close enough that it still has that awesome Diablo feel. Go out and get this game, you will not be disappointed! (Coming from a long time Diablo player back in 1996!) See you online!
  • Caraleisa - Good, solid information on bipolar disorderThe 'for Dummies' series are often quite good, despite the name, and this book is no exception. It gives a very good overview of what bipolar is, and offers a lot of suggestions on how to deal with it for both the bipolar person and his/her family and friends. It goes into the medications used, and the pros and cons of each of them. The authors obviously know the topic well, and write about it clearly and definitively. In addition to a comprehensive description of what bipolar is, how it manifests, and how it's treated, the book discusses alternative therapies that have been used, and goes into problems associated with specific populations such as women, older folks, and teens. It has an excellent section on 'survival skills'- the psychotherapies involved as well as things a bipolar person can do to prevent crisis episodes, to reduce conflict, and ways in which the people involved can have fun together. Cultivating healthy relationships, eating a healthy diet, exercise options, all are covered. How to become less confrontational, and how to validate other's feelings are just a few of the many areas this excellent book covers. I recommend it heartily for anyone who is bipolar, lives with or is friends with someone who is bipolar, or people who are interested in psychology.
  • SteveFl - Samsung Galaxy 10.1I like this thing. The first one I got was DOA, but after an instantaneous and painless replacement from Amazon, the second one has been flawless. There is so much you can do with these -- surfing, Skype'ing, music, movies, maps, books, etc. Bluetooth, WIFI, and all the Android apps. I'm a bigtime gadget guy and this is my go-to device for any time that I leave the house. Roadtrips, airplanes, the grocery store or the doctors office, this tablet performs very very well. With a set of Bluetooth headphones you can listen to music (or Pods or whatever) and tune the world out.

    When I'm not traveling, the Galaxy lives in my living-room where it has become the 'pick it up and find out about that' thingie. Recipes, weather, who was in that movie, and all that. There are Droid apps for controlling your TV (and your air conditioning for that matter). The price/performance ratio for this tablet is outstanding. It gets constant use in our house and I'm glad we got it. If there is something that some other device does that this one does not, I am not aware of it. And, yes, some of my friends are Apple-people. You don't need that. This is good enough. Better than good enough!
  • Tim Teater - Why the crucifixtion of Jesus was both holy and logicalBill puts the Mesiah's coming, ministry and death on the cross in context of prophecy AND the political situation which made His death in both God's scheme and the scheme of natural consequences...logical for the times. It is an excellent background study for believers in Jesus as the Christ.
  • Ex Libris GM - Really Helped With My IBS Problem!I have been suffering from IBS off and on for the last 25 years. My kind was the constipating type.
    My new GI doctor put me on Librax and Dicyclomine along with this probiotic and Miralax and it has done wonders
    for me. I have regained regularity and my symptoms have subsided. As some of the other reviewers have said, it
    takes about 5-7 days to work well and initially it does cause gas and some bloating which goes away within a
    couple of days. One a day does the trick. Highly recommend it!!