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  • E. Treants "tree" - Best Library I have ever hadI have had this Kindle (1 - the original, first generation) since October 2008. I have downloaded from Amazon via Whisper Net and have been able to read within seconds to minutes - this is included in the price. Within a few weeks, I realized I wanted more storage to be able to take additional books along on trips and purchased a memory chip. Currently I have over 300 books on my Kindle and have lots of memory still available if needed. Most of the books are stored on the chip, but I also store them on an external hard drive that connects to my computers.

    Reading on the Kindle is just like reading any other book. I use a reading light that attaches to my book cover when I read in low light situations. The font is variable and I sometimes use a larger font if I have forgotten my readers. I have used the Kindle at home, on airplanes, in cars (when I am NOT driving), and have even taken it on cruises with me. I was happy to hear that the Kindle may now be international and am anxious to try this the next time out of the US. (No, reception of Whisper Net downloads does not happen faster in the left lane of the highway :-).)

    As far as books go, usually Amazon has books at $9.99 or less like they promised. However, Amazon does often have newer books at higher than that. Greed I guess! There are many, many sites on the web that allow free and reduced price downloads. Even Amazon carries many public domain books for free, just look for them. Overall, I am very happy with the Kindle and have recommended it to many of my friends. With it's expanded storage capability it really is much more than an expensive toy. This is the wave of the future in reading devices and it is available now. I have not tried other e-readers, but it always pays to shop around. The initial cost may seem expensive, but the convenience seems to be worth it to me. When I went on two week trips, I always took along 4 to 6 books. Now I could go for months and never need to reload.

    This kindle has worked well for me, but I have had to reset it a few times. It has frozen about for times and my heart stopped each time. Reset has worked each time. I have also replaced the battery once. The original cover was poor and I replaced that in a few months. The replacement cover was well worth the price and has additional features that Amazon did not think of when the product was first introduced.
  • Carrie A. Yerger "Jan" - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I did a lot of research before purchasing my Samsung. I bought it refurbished and saved some money. It is like new. I have down loaded some books and the tablet big enough and very easy to read. I'm very happy with my purchase.