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  • Inspiracio - Worth the read, you won't want to share the secrets!Honestly this book is so good I don't want to tell my friends so I can keep all the secrets to myself! Matthew does way better than other books in the same genre - he tells you about the mind of the man and how to communicte best with that mind, while also giving you valuable tips on how to better yourself in this dynamic. Others books go on about confidence, but he also talks about the whys and strategies. A gem of a book!
  • webicy - Transformer Prime : best product i bought on amazonI bought the transformer prime on Amazon US because it was out of stock every where in UK. The seller was very good the parcel was delivered on time and in mint condition. I have the table for almost 5 months now and i never had any issue what so ever. people have complained about the WiFi and GPS but I have never experience such issue , my transformer picks up the signal pretty well , sometime even better than my Nexus S.
    This little thing has saved my life several time, it possibility to act as net book(Very portable and fast net book) make this tablet an life changer and although people argue that it pricey, i would say that it worth spending some cash on it . It is solid, the screen is scratch resistant thanks to it gorilla glass and the metallic body make it look very posh and yet durable. Also, ASUS is very good at assisting their customer so far they have been pushing updates very often and fast and I believe it will be even better now that they have sign partnership with Google.
    The prime is a powerful entertainment gadget, sometime it beats my PS3 as it plays 1080p MKV file very smoothly. Hook it up to the receiver for the best High Def experience. However I have noticed that the sound output while using the HDMI cable is some how mono or only stereo. I hope ASUS or Google find the way around it.

    The prime came with loads of cool app. My favourite one is MyCloud, which let you control your home pc from where ever you are as if your table was running Windows. All touch gesture are supported (unlike other like Teamviewer)the experience is amazing . one day I went to a party and they didn't have music, thanks to the Prime and the Mycloud app, I was actually playing the music from my home PC but the sound was output on the Prime miles away from home.

    This is just a little overview of what the Prime has bought to my life... Really ... I am in looove with it