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  • BookLovingGal - This is a VERY GOOD cameraI am (was?) a Nikon girl, so when I was given a Panasonic camera as a gift, I didn't think I'd be impressed. I imagined that at high ISOs and in various light settings, my dSLR would have the Lumix G5 beat, hands down, and $700-800 seemed like a ridiculous amount for something that wasn't a Nikon or a Canon. Boy, was I wrong! This is a phenomenal camera. Even with the kit lens, it takes incredibly sharp pictures that show, at 100%, incredible detail and tack sharp focus. I was SHOCKED and am embarrassed by my prejudice. Panasonic wants to play, and their G5 is going to do it, this is a really, really fabulous camera, and at high ISOs performs pretty darn good.

    I'm not really one for creative filters as a reason for buying a camera, but those are fun too if you like to play around a bit with them, and a few of the filters (like the dynamic monochrome) are particularly good.

    I think once I pick up a new lens for it (the 2.8) I'll be indoor and outdoor shots will all be awesome. If you are on the fence about this camera, seriously, it's worth every penny. I'm planning on uploading my photos soon to show how sharp and vivid the photos are, because I'm just astounded.
  • B. Beach - A village health care handbook for Africa, not an EMT manual.Judging this book by its intended purpose it looks very good. Many things are basic like cleanliness, diet, don't smoke ciggarettes, etc. But I thought some were not so basic (and I couldn't find them in my boy scout manual). For example:

    Page 67: the possible medicines needed for injection (Appendicitis - ampicillin or penicillin with streptomycin, syphilis - benzathine penicillin, gonorrhea - kanamycin, etc).

    Page 154: six different vaccinations and the reccomended ages.

    Page 169: a flowchart to care for a person with acute diarrhea (when would you give them metonidazole, or co-trimoxazole, or ampicillin?).

    Page 180: treatment for pneumonia.

    Page 208-210 chart: 38 different types of skin problems which include onthocerciasis, vitiligo, and kwashiorkor.


    Also the basic stuff is so well laid out that I could see it helping a worker organize their thoughts along the lines of "What do I need to check?" or "What do I need to teach those who don't know the basics?". If you were in a remote situation, people were sick wanting you to help them NOW, and THERE WAS NO DOCTOR this manual would be very reassuring to have. Stress can make you forget basics. Or maybe if you were in the States and couldn't afford health insurance and wanted to be sure you were in true need before you went to the doctor who will bill you for walking in the door?
  • Christopher Robbins - Great! Space saving, cute, travels easyThis chair is wonderful! - so much better than those annoying enormous high chairs that reach all the way to the ground. and cheaper. It is space saving - stays neatly latched onto our island or table and is immediately usable. Doesn't take up any space. When we go to the grandparents or friends houses for dinner we can toss it in the car and bring it along. It lets her be up with us during our meals without the chair being a pain in the ass.

    As soon as got this this one, the old enormous folding chair went to the attic and craigslist.

    BTW: Anyone want to buy an annoying folding high chair. I have a huge plastic beast taking up room in my attic and no-one wants to buy it from me. : )
  • Backbone - Not so Skeptical anymoreI initially doubted that the product was going to work, I had tried other medicated products and nothing worked, So... I gave it a shot, the first try I applied at night as recommended but the next day by 8 am there was already wet marks from my arm pits, but I didn't give up as suggested if it don't work the first time try it again, well I did that night, and the next day even with a sweater over my dress shirt I didn't sweat, and...I have not sweat since. I definitely recommend this product, It really works
  • Jason Lam - Not "The Game" but still greatI bought this together with Exercising the Penis when I broke up with my girlfriend last month. Both books were five stars. I was looking to improve myself in a few key areas after being out of the "game" for more than for years.

    I, like many, read The Game when it first came out. I, also like many, enjoyed the first one better than this one. But a lot of people are failing to realize that this book is a much different book than The Game. It's mainly a HOW-TO book. The Rules of the Game is unique compared to all of strauss' other books. Of course the narratives are going to be better. This book isn't designed to make you laugh, it's designed to teach you about style's version of seduction.

    All in all, I enjoyed Rules of the Game. I like how the book is laid out in a day-to-day format, so you take only one baby step at a time. I've skipped several missions, but I've already found myself interacting with women (and even men) much better. I also enjoyed the Stylelife Diaries. It was kind of short and repetitive (several threesome stories), but I couldn't put it down once I started reading it.