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  • R. Cleaver - Good but needs improvementI'm off to a good start - 2.6 lbs the first day. It may be the solution I've been seeking for 55 years. I will update this after more experience.

    Now for the cons. It's a pain in the butt to start this plan. There are several unusual recipes to prepare and I didn't have most of the ingredients. Besides that, I hate some of the ingredients and there is no alternative. Also, there should be a shopping list for days 1-3 at least and it would help it there were shopping lists for days 4 through 20.

    But despite that, if it works, it is definitely worth it to put up with whatever is required. I suspect it will become easier.

    UPDATE: I actually started two days before I had all ingredients. So now it's been six days and I've lost 11.4 lbs. It seems to be working well. I can't drink all the water recommended but I do manage to drink about a gallon a day. I've been repeating some recipes from the book instead of eating kale, beets and mushrooms. So you can modify it without negating the effects. Een though the book says there is plenty of food, I find I get hungry starting about 7:30 PM.

    UPDATE2: I reached a plateau after losing 16.2 lbs. It was because I started to slack off on following the plan. I sympathize with those who have given it one or two stars, because "who wants to eat this stuff" or "who wants to drink all that water." I started following the plan again and I lost another 1.4 lbs the first day. It becomes easier if you just stick to it until you become used to it. Don't underestimate the value of drinking all that water like I did. Once I increased my water consumption, my hunger seemed to go away. I didn't expect that. I have a lot more weight to use. I don't have any bad health problems. I've just been "fit AND fat" since about 1985. I find easier if I don't try to make the sauces and other things I think Lyn used to make the food more palatable. I love the flax granola with blueberries and it does wonders for regularity. I tend to eat some meat once a day with a salad or one or more vegetables. It's still working for me because I'm working the plan. I also like the almond butter with rye crackers and the dark chocolate (but I have to guard againt eating too much). I've had a weight management problem for about 55 years and this is the first plan that's given me hope for a resolution.
  • Michael A. Waddle - It's a great Tv so farThis is my first smart Tv and my first LG. I usually stick with Samsung for my Tv's and monitors as I have had a good experience with them. With that said I have never seen a better picture on a Tv and it's very bright. So watching during the day time or a well lit room is no problem with this Tv.

    I would also like to note that I am a big gamer. One of the major things I was looking for when doing research was how responsive the tv was playing video games. And I am very happy with how good my Xbox 360 and Ps3 work on it. I even hooked up my computer to it to play some of my steam games.

    Something I don't like about this Tv is the Tru-view or Tru-motion system. I think that's what it called. With this mode active it makes your movies and tv shows look like they have very strange camera movements. For awhile I thought it was just the way the Tv processed the video. But thank god I was able to turn off that feature.

    Something else that I am kinda annoyed about with this Tv is it does not have the Amazon Instant video App. It's not available to download as well. But yet it has most of the other ones. Personally I have a lot of movies purchased on Amazon so this is especially annoying to me. So I have to waste one of my 3 HDMI ports for my ROKU box. If they added Amazon instant video I could remove my ROKU altogether.

    The smart Tv features are an interesting feature to me. It's my very first Smart tv and I love the idea. I am also a power user on the computer so by hooking up my computer to the tv. I am tempted to just use the computer over the smart Tv system. Especially on things like Youtube. I really don't like the interface for youtube on this tv. I understand they are just trying to make it easier for the user but I prefer Youtube as it is on the computer. Also searching for things with the basic remote that comes with the Tv kinda sucks. I've been considering getting a tablet to interface with the Tv's Bluetooth it make searching easier. But again I have my computer hooked up with a wireless Keyboard and mouse. So it's almost pointless...

    The speakers on the Tv are not to bad. I prefer a richer fuller sound so I have hooked up my old 5.1 system to the Tv. I am considering getting a sound bar for it. As I am hearing some good things about them.

    All in all I am happy with my decision to purchase this Tv. I did a ton of research to make sure it was compatible with my gaming and Tv watching interests. I read a ton of reviews and no red flags poped up about this Tv. LG really needs to add the Amazon Instant video App as it's a huge issue for me.
  • lynnp - Quickbooks is the Premier in BookkeepingI love using the newer version of Quickbooks Premier. We previously upgraded from QB Premier 2007 to the current version Premier 2013. It is indeed Premier in all it's glory. It's easy to use, and I love the new interface. No problems when it comes to looking for things I need in quicbooks weather it's customer information and invoices, or billing and banking to payroll information I'm looking for. Quicbooks Premier 2013 is better and improved navigation and centers make it easily accessible for anything I'm looking for.
  • Jasmyne - A fresh insight...I've been a huge fan for a while, always enjoyed his blog and videos... Particularly made me giggle when Matt did a video about one of my disaster dates I'd had! I've had a few more since then and I'm sure there are more to come. However, I'm loving this book and will be sharing all his little tips with my friends.