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  • cmlfitness - Great product, great customer service experienceI started with this product because obviously I wanted to loose weight. When I started, I was asked if I was interested in becoming a promoter of the product. At that time, I kindly declined. I felt that I first had to try the product and see for myself how I liked it. And I took different avenues to try not only the product but also the customer service department since that's another area that I read a lot of negative reviews about. So, here is my experience.
    1. The Product...it works.. no its not a magic drink that will automatically shed the pounds while you sit there and continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle. What the product does is make you more aware of your calorie intake while still giving you energy to become more active.
    2. The Gas.. I don't know why but it did start out that way... But I took it as my body adjusting, and as I continued with the shakes... The gas went away.
    3. Customer Service... I also started the vita pak. When I received my first shipment, one of the gel pills in some of the packs had busted. I am assuming from the dessert heat. I called customer service and the friendly rep took down my information and in two days my new box was at my house. I didn't even have to return the busted pills. I was just told to discard them.
    4. "Its a scam because the people that give the reviews are promoters"... Customers turn into promoters for different reasons... But bottom line is that the promoters believe in the product... The company believes in if you can see a real person using it and changing right before your very own eyes... Then it is very hard to question it... That's why they have the refer 3 get your next product FREE....
    5. Summary, get on the challenge for yourself, if you don't like it, stop...if you like the results, then stick with it...and hey tell your friends about it cause I am sure they will notice the weight loss.... And you can get your next order for free!
    Order it through Amazon if you want to, but then you are not getting the additional benefits of having the support system and a chance to join in the Project 10 challenge. So someone had a bad experience with customer service... Then talk to the next person ... Who hasn't has bad service at any given company at some point.
    Try it out for yourself!
  • Thomas Baggett - Super nice small tabletI've had this for over a year and have used it for entertainment and reading. It is very easy to use to download your favorite games and books from both amazon and google. The games are easy to launch and use with the interactive touch screen. I've read several books and really enjoy the interface design for turning and marking pages. In bright sunlight I have to turn the screen brightness up a little for reading. I have travelled with this all over the country and taken it on airplanes when I was visiting Canada and it was great to have along on a long flight.
    Streaming movies is easy and the sound quality is fantastic along with the image and motion qualities of the screen.
    Another great feature is Autorip from amazon that allows you to download any music that you purchase from them to your device for free if it has that feature enabled on your purchase. I have a great music library without have to purchase everything as mp3.
    Overall this is a great tablet for anyone that wants a small touch screen computer.
  • Donte Henton - Nice change to modernize the OSThere was a small concern that the new OS would be difficult to use with mouse and keyboard. However, after a weeks use I find it very fast and simple. The live tiles are a joy to use and display very useful information. The OS is speedy and fluid. Boots after post in less than 10 seconds and powers off in under 5. Using the charms for search and share is a welcome addition. The mail app needs some enhancements as well as the music app but those are app issues, not the OS. Well done MS.
  • Linda Reid - Awesome Book and it works!I am 52 and tried to lose weight for the past 20 years with different diets. Have constantly yo-yo'd until I was 45 pounds overweight. I lost 7 pounds in the first 10 days and I am still going strong. I'm so excited because all I'm doing is learning what's best for me without buying diet pills, shakes and potions and plans I'm not going to stick to for the rest of my life. The Plan is MY Plan for life and health. I feel so good inside; clean. I recommend The Plan to everyone I know whether or not they need to lose weight. Th Plan is just a healthy way of Life.
  • Rank amateur (French amateur "lover of... - The Road: Film and NovelI highly recommend this novel.

    In contrast to the film, the novel is less frightening. The novel is a masterpiece. From the images to the style and from the lessons to the themes, this novel presents a heartbreaking story of a father having to let go and a son learning to find his own way. Like any good father, the man teaches his son everything he can. He puts everything inside himself into the upbringing of his son. Like all fathers, he knows there will come a day when, as his son grows up, his son will get influences from other people. But, as long as he lives, he teaches his son.

    As in science fiction, a cousin genre to this story, this is a story about the present. As the fish, plant life, animals other than humans, die at a very fast pace around this planet Earth, more every day, we all might be characters in this story. Today, humans judge one another very strongly, and quickly, to be bad people, if not dark and evil. We see a predator around every corner. Our families are separated from other families and individuals are separated by ideas and beliefs. There may be seven billion people in the world but friend is lining up against friend, ideas are lining up against ideas. One billion people, more than there were people in the world one hundred and fifty years ago, live close to starvation around the world today, including in the United States of America. Rich or poor, although we need to protect our children, many of us believe we need to protect our children from other people and other ideas. But, as bleak as McCarthy describes reality, I see hints in his novel where he indicates there is more to life than how many people like us or how much wealth we have. Ultimately, the value of life is the same in a world with only a few people and a world with many people.

    I saw the movie first and then read the novel which is a beautiful prose poem. Few films live up to the novel.

    The Road is a modern post Armageddon folktale with unlikely but necessary plot limitations, such as a scarcity rather than a total lack of food. Like many of you, I thought about how even canned food would go bad within a few years and most other food, processed or not, would rot before the story gets to where it starts. The implausibility of the story in no way detracts from the story. People have suspended their disbelief while reading or hearing stories for thousands of years. The search for food propels the plot from one scene to the next, allowing the story teller to do what he wants to do and tell his story.

    About the overall premise of world devastation, if you think it impossible, check a Scientific American article called "Nuclear Weapons in a New World",(November 2007 Scientific American Magazine)about limited or small nuclear exchanges such as between India and Pakistan. Such a confrontation could kick up enough dust to block the sun around much of the world, decreasing the oceanic plankton growth, for ten years. For the time being, I am thankful every day for the infrastructure and world wide system of trade we have. Without it, we would be where this man and boy are.

    Without going too deeply into the story for those who want to read or watch it, Cormac McCarthy spell bounds the reader or listener with his character development of a father and his son trying to survive in a world where they need to feel some purpose and meaning by inventing goals, such as traveling south or to the ocean, without knowing whether going south will help their circumstances in any way. In a world where most of the human race and most animals have died because of some vague catastrophe, this father wants, rather than needs, to raise his son. Although it is not clear what happened to cause the extinction of life wherever the man and the boy travel, there are some clues in the book. The boy's mother could not dig deep enough inside herself to want to go on living in a world without enough other people, other life, and without a society holding people together. No social system exists any longer to tell anyone what is right or wrong, good or bad, or good and evil. The boy's father finds books to teach his son to read in a world that does not include humans in its future. The father passes his message of civilization onto his son the only way he can. While telling his son about a world with a community of people, the two of them live separate from the few other people alive in the world who are broken down into either the good people or the cannibals. As the plot progresses, this dichotomy of good and cannibal blurs. The boy rarely sees any other people. When he does, they are starving and trying to survive the only way they know how. Sometimes they don't behave so well. If they eat other people, they are called cannibals. The final scene in the story, after the father dies, shows the boy reaching out to others.

    There are other scenes earlier where the boy reaches out to an old man and another where he reaches out to the first other boy close to his own age he has ever seen. His father grabs him and stops him from communicating with the old man and tells the boy not to hold his hand. For one evening, the father shares some food and conversation with the old man. But the father believes getting attached to another human being is too great a risk. The next morning he tells the old man to go his own way. The father believes he cannot afford to trust anyone. When the boy, by chance, sees another fearful boy walk by, he chases him only to have his father stop him. The boy wants to bring trust back into the world and associate with other people. Before a child is ten years old, he will play with any other child, until his parent tells him he does not want him playing with a child who has cancer, cerebral palsy, autism, a different color skin, a different religion, a different nationality, a parent with liberal ideas, and the list can go on for pages.

    But, the boy does learn a story about people being good to one another, from his father, that he can pass on to others in spite of the fact that every waking traumatic moment is a horror to the father and this is the only world the boy knows. Cannibalistic groups of men and women hunt other humans for food and a violent death is an ever present fact throughout the story. The reader or viewer needs to suspend disbelief once again. Young children growing up with Europe as their playground during World War Two learned a different lesson while they scrapped for food in and out of the towns. But such children still had a world of people out there, not participating directly in the war, holding the infrastructure of society together. McCarthy gives this boy no such world. Yet, with one insect finally flying by our protagonist, the viewer feels hope, if not for humans, then for life on the earth.

    And this is where we the reader might notice something. If you saw or read McCarthy's story No Country for Old Men, you might remember something about someone mentioning carrying the fire in the horn. Once again, in this story the characters pass on the fire, which seems to represent something transcendent and mysterious, from one generation to the next. This is what the father does, the son learns to do, and Cormac McCarthy continues to do.

    This is a story about the present and the future.