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  • CQ DX - Tour De Force, clockwork performance! Timeless!As a 50 year young RUSH fanatic, having seen them live 45 times in 4 states since 1977, I have come to expect a lot from Geddy, Alex, and Neil in terms of their music and their live concerts. This is one classic rock band that has raised the bar for many others in terms of their quality music, studio perfection, and killer live shows. This 'Live In Cleveland' show is no exception. It delivers in every way! There is the very humorous 'time machine' vignettes that are part of the live show, that are seamlessly intertwined with the live music, and the infectious smiles and banter between the band. The audience was 'on fire' and clearly enthused and entertained. The DVD editing is superb, with just the right dose of great closeups of the 3 maestros performing magic on their instruments, the animated audience, and whole stage and arena shots. There are also a few 'extras', mainly a vintage video of 'Anthem' being performed at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ way back in the stone ages, and out-takes and bloopers from the 'time machine' vignettes. If you like Rush, this is a 'must own'. If you don't like Rush, this is a 'must own' as well!
  • Mike P. "mikep007" - The Best Baseball Analysis on the Market!This is a great read for any baseball fan but a MUST READ for the fantasy baseball player.

    1. The players are ordered by teams with hitters first followed by pitchers in alphabetical order. There's a great index by name as well. The front matter talks in great detail about the statistics used in the text, explaining the analytic approach in excrutiating but fun detail.

    2. Each team has a few pages of sumnmary discussion followed by player stats/descriptions. The player stats are presented for the prior 3 years and they include projections for the 2012 season.

    3. The best part: the analysts provide a text summary of the player in plain English terms -- the comments can be sarcastic, funny, biting, and even hilarious. I often quote from the book at my baseball draft auction. The Manny Ramirez quote, for example, "Everyone's favorite idiot showed a new level of stupidity by violating baseball's performance-enhancing drug policy for the second time. Manny's bay area retreat lasted only slightly longer than the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba as Ramirez retired rather than sit out 100 games...." Great stuff.

    Buy this book. Now.
  • Marina - Fits my delicate handsI found all of these hulking "man" pens to be so cumbersome that I've taken to writing with my feet for the last seven years. Imagine my delight when, while searching for some feminine hygiene spray, I happened upon this pen! It's everything I've ever wanted. My only complaint is that the ink is black - although it matches well with my LBD and pearls, it masks the fact that I have a vagina. It does, however, come in handy when signing my husband's name - for example, on birthday cards to relatives, credit card receipts (of course, only with his permission!) and "surprise" bouquets that he sends me on our anniversary when I call the florist and order them. What a wonderful gift this is to all womankind!
  • SurfCityMimi - Wish I could give it a TEN STAR REVIEW!I'd like to say that this product was like all the rest: over-priced and not at all what it was advertised to do. I COULD say that, but it wouldn't be true! It delivered EXACTLY what it promised. I had a worrisome cold sore come up so I popped open the vial, dabbed on a bit every hour or so for about six hours until bedtime and VOILA! When I woke up the next morning, there wasn't a trace of the sore I had gone to bed with. Kudos...I am impressed. That's no easy feat for a natural born cynic such as I.