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  • A. Kugali - Great book for a fresh startI bought this book for my husband when he was int he middle of job-hunting. He wasn't sure where to focus his attentions and was even sort of ambiguous on what industry he wanted to work in. This book really helped guide him and narrow his focus. I would buy it for anyone in that same position.
  • Rebecca - Logging my results and experience with this productSunday is my weigh-in day. I'll try to post Sunday updates on my progress.
    When I listened to Dr. Oz's three-part television coverage of Garcinia Cambogia online, I took notes. He was very specific about what a consumer should look for in the product they purchase. I spent considerable time online and in my city searching for a product that met these criteria. This product seems to do this better than any other. It is also less expensive than many products that claim to meet Dr. Oz's requirements but clearly fail to do so. Several of these other products include other ingredients associated with weight loss. I was only interested in Garcinia Cambogia with added calcium and potassium. This product is also much less expensive than retailers in my city are selling less an inferior product for. I'm noticing that very few sellers are selling a one month supply that allows for a full 3000mg per day. This was the maximum dosage recommended by Dr. Oz without physician approval.

    Since I've not been able to locate any product in my own city that meets the specs, today I ordered two bottles. Shipping was free and there was not tax.

    I'm giving it a 5 star rating because it is the ONLY product I've found so far that meets Dr. Oz's specs.

    Update March 7th 2013 -- Week #1

    I've taken the product for just over a week. My observations to date are:
    1) It has an impact that has eliminate my cravings for sweets - my downfall.
    2) It has eliminated mood swings in a positive way I could not have full anticipated.
    3) Combined with exercise and healthy eating, I have experienced more weight loss than I would have without it. Several years ago I lost just over 30 pound to put myself at my ideal weight. Having gained part of it back and having a difficult time getting restarted with exercise and healthy eating, I hoped this would help. It has.
    4) I think it took several days before I saw a change that I could only attribute to the product. (I was loosing more weight than I could account for with exercise and reduced calories.)
    5) I developed a method of when and how much I would take based on the totality of what I heard in the Dr. Oz show and some additional information I read from the people who did the original research. I was unable to take it for several days because of a standard medical procedure I needed to undergo. Once I have more data to report, I don't mind doing so.
    6) Bottom line, given the exercise and dietary changes I made, taking this product was a good decision for me.

    For those interested --
    My order arrived promptly. While waiting on my order I located two other products that meet the original standards I was looking for. The prices similar

    3/10/2013 -- Week #2
    Restarted this product mid week. Found myself hungry several times. Some weight loss. Next week's results will be more telling. Some difficulty getting pills taken 30 to 60 minutes before eating.
    3/17/2013 -- Week #3
    I gained weight this week. Bummer. While I didn't increase my eating, I was more sedentary so had a net calorie loss. My walking wasn't at as rigorous a level. This next week I'll be back on my regular schedule and will do the lunges, sit-ups and push-ups I did the first two weeks. At the beginning of the week I was hungry. That wasn't the case later in the week. It was unusually stressful as I learned a dear friend was removed from life support. After learning the news early in the week, it was three days before I realized I had not gone into the kitchen and made mountains of sweets to comfort myself. I'm not giving up on garcinia cambogia but it isn't a miracle drug; I never thought it was. Here's hoping week 4 brings me the great losses I saw the first week or so.



  • Pen Enthusiast - The Pen is GoodAs a sleek and slender man, I find this pen to be perfect. And in fact, I cannot wait until the man-version of this pen is released to the public. The ultra-brilliant minds that brought you this pen have in fact designed one for male as well. It dispenses bacon and its ultra hairy design allows one to adhere it to Velcro straps that one can place in the truck or on the lay-z-boy. It will be awesome. Now if they can just get it to stop spilling ink everywhere before you actually want to use it.
  • Beverly A Williams - Much Quieter SleepMy husband had previously purchased two of these chin straps for the cost of $120 a fact that I did not know until they had arrived. After some time they stretched and I had to stitch them in order for him to keep them on his head. The Neoprene Chin Strap has velcro which allows for a tighter fit. While both Chin Straps does the job of controlling the snoring, the price $15 and quality of the Neoprene Chin far exceeds the one HE paid $120 for.