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  • storms - the real meaning of christmasIam so thankful sarah palin wrote this book so she can share the true meaning of what christmas is all about. alot of people forget about what the season is all about this is a wonderful little inexpensive little book that shows what this season is all about. with all of religion and faith under attack this book is very special to read and nice to give as a gift to family members and friends. other recamendations: the reason for my hope salvation by billy graham, operation christmas child by franklin graham, america the beautiful by ben carson , think big by ben carson, this is your captain speaking by gavin mcloud, by faith iam still standing by al higginbotham, cant is not an option by nikki haley, fed up by rick perry, goverment bullies by rand paul, the tea party goes to washington by rand paul
  • David Pattullo "The healthy one" - Don't Wait Heal Your Psoriasis Now!!!!!!!!!!!I highly recommend this book if you are suffering from this debilitating disease. It is written in laymans terms with explicit step by step instructions. This is not an easy regimen to follow or a quick fix for psoriasis. You must stick with the program and be persistent. I have a very mild case on my fingers. It's not that bad except for that I'm a musician and the pain in my hands inhibited me from playing and practicing my guitar on a regular schedule. After starting this regimen my P almost completely cleared after about 3 weeks. Then I went on vacation and strayed from the diet eating prohibited foods in large quantities. Guess what? The P came back with a vengeance. You must be persistent to rid yourself of P!!!!!!!! I Can't stress this point enough. I'm back on track now and in control of my P. Thats what this book will give you that the dermatologists, so called doctors and specialists can't. CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't cure P but you can get control of your health back. God bless Dr. Pagano and good luck:)
  • Chelle - Not for the QUICK FIX!!This book, if you give it the time, will help you understand food, your body, and your metabolism. Give yourself the time to read it, take notes, highlight, tab pages and organize it to your comfort level before starting out on this new way of eating. The author provides you with EVERYTHING you need but you can still customize it to your own schedule and needs. Give it a chance. I am begining week one today. I gave myself a week to read and prepare and I'm ready and feel very good. I've learned a lot, I feel comfortable NOT having to count EVERY stinking calorie a day, and the food choices are great!! You don't HAVE to eat everything on the list, but she gives you tons of ideas, and recipes!!! She writes as though she knows you personally and thats a comfort. This isn't a book you get and just dive right into the pages that contain the plan. READ THE BOOK first. It soothes you into what you need to do. I'll be back with my progress. :)
  • Dave Mc. - Everything you expect it to beThe SodaStream is really great; my wife and are thrilled to have "bubbly water" whenever we want, it's like we're getting away with something we shouldn't! It's the little things that really matter, as they say. This works as promised, no problems. Might seem a little intimidating on the initial setup, but once you've done it once you're a pro. CO2 bottles last a long time, but do get a second one because they do run out without any warning. We've found a local supplier for refills and keep a ready spare, that way you can take your time to replace the empty.