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  • enots - Loads of useful recipes : )This slow cooker book has so many recipes that are both useful and easy to make. It has lots of rescipes that will be helpful in having dinner ready after a long hard day at work when you walk in and smell the wonderful food that awaits you and your family and all you have to do is throw a salad together and dinner is done, enjoy.
  • Tante Maren "Maren" - The BEST Digital Sketchbook For Artists, Designers & Crafters!The Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 is the best digital sketchpad I've ever used! I majored in art in high school and have always used art, crafts or designs in many of my jobs. I've designed t-shirts, done miniatures, sewn clothes for antique dolls, silkscreens for cloth patterns and general art work and photography. Once I owned a computer, I found many great photo programs over the years, but up until now, I really never found a great sketch or art program. I own Corel's Painter, which is not only time consuming to learn the media applications, but it's slow, misses strokes and has several bugs in it's applications. Corel keeps giving me patches, but it has become tiresome to keep downloading patches all the time! I actually would rather do my art by hand than deal with all of Painter's issues.

    I've been using this Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 every day, to see how smoothly it runs, and it not only runs smoothly, it's unbelievably fast! I have a Windows XP, and it took only a few minutes to download this great program. Once downloaded, I skipped the directions, as I wanted to see how quickly and easily I could learn to use this program on my own. Talk about easy to learn- anyone from 5 to 95 could use this without reading a direction! I am truly amazed that I could draw a sketch, a complicated geometric design for a piece of dress fabric and a dress pattern all in one sitting! The sketchpad itself is uncluttered with a small corner interface control, that allows you to bring up the nicely small tools window, brushes window or colors window. There is a brush property circle that allows you to choose both the brush size and flow for coverage. You can place these windows anywhere out of your drawing area or keep them off the screen completely.

    The Brushes window includes a nice array of media types: pencil, airbrush, marker, chisel tip pen, ballpoint pen, paintbrush, felt tip pen, smear, blur, sharpen (does a great outline), hard eraser, soft eraser, flood fill and flood fill for all visible layers. The Tools Bar window has undo, redo, select, lasso, crop, zoom, rotate, ruler, elipse, symmetry X (top and bottom), symmetry Y (side to side), free hand, line, rectangle, polyline, oval and layers. Those symmetry features made my geometrical fabric design take only minutes to complete! What a great feature! The colors window features a color wheel, where you can create any color imaginable, then save it in the blocks below it. For your image, it has image size or canvas size, crop, adjust, rotate, mirror canvas, flip canvas vertically, mirror layer, flip layer vertically and both symmetry X and Y. Your finished art will work on the standard image formats- TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG and PSD.

    I wish I had this program years ago, before I wasted so much time, money and constant patching on Corel's Painter! I'm just happy to have this Autodesk's super fast and easy Sketchbook now! For anyone who just sketches or draws, the inexpensive price of this program will pay for itself on the money you'll save on paper, pen, paints and inks! It's a wonderful, fast and easy money saving way to do story boarding, concept sketches, illustrations, fabric designs, pattern designs and anything that you would normally use a sketchpad and your choice of media for! Artists, designers and crafters will love the professional results they'll get with this BEST digital Sketchbook that I've ever used!

    (With my review, I've included 3 images. If you don't see them on the top of this page in Images, you can find them by clicking on my name, then going to My Profile-Customer Images. The first image is of my computer screen, so you can see the corner interface control called the lagoon, which can be moved side to side or removed completely when sketching. You will also see the great moveable tool bar, brush window and color window- which you can move these three anywhere on the screen or remove, when sketching. It's simplistic screen design needs no directions! I made a City Skyline In Fall sketch in 5 minutes using the paintbrush and air brush along with the freehand, line and rectangle tools and spent another 5 minutes coloring it.

    The second image I made in 20 minutes for a fabric print design using the symmetry tools. I used both symmetry tools X and Y along with flood fill, airbrush and paintbrush. The third image took me the longest time to create- 35 minutes, due to more detailed floral designs I wanted to create for a scarf print. I again used both symmetry tools X and Y along with flood fill, airbrush, paintbrush and the felt tip pen.

    The fabric designs that used to take me endless hours by hand to create, now takes me a mere 20 to 40 minutes with these great symmetry tools! For fast painting, the airbrush and flood fill take seconds to use! The flood fill, which is a paint bucket, can be used to cover an entire area, or you will quickly learn like I did that you can also use this little paint bucket to splash a little color on for a beautiful effect! I did all three of these using only my mouse.

    For more professional art, you will want to use a pen and tablet connected to your computer port. Wacom makes the best pen and tablets in all sizes and prices. For a beginner, try the inexpensive Wacom Bamboo or Bamboo Fun tablets and pens. For professional use, the more expensive Wacom Intuos4 Larger sized Pen and Tablets give you the ability to draw, design and paint anything with total pen control for hairline detail! I couldn't believe how easy and fast this program is to use- now everyone can be an artist!)
  • Michael Bender "Pixel Peeper" - A great buy!This Fujii HS50EXR camera makes me sad I had previously purchased a Canon 60D and an assortment of lenses for it. The Fujii is almost its equal, the only advantage the $1000 dollar 60D has is that it processes and stores the shot faster. The Fujii does have a buffer though that lets you take 5 quick shots before things slow down. For me, an amateur, though it is not a detriment and I will gladly give up the speed of consecutive shooting for the benefit of a lighter weight and not having to change very expensive lens to gain the same reach. When comparing the output of the two cameras I can't see where the Canon puts out any sharper or noiseless images. I'm sure a professional photographer might not agree but comparing by pixel peeping images from both cameras on a 22 inch monitor makes me think the huge diffference in price for a DSLR isn't worth it .

    When shooting indoors with ordinary lamps you do have to use a gray card or white sheet and set the White Balance for custom to get a more natural color for both the Fujii and Canon. That said though, you can boost the ISO number in both cameras and not get excessive noise. I also love that you manually extend the telephoto lens the same as a DSLR and don't have to struggle to get the right extention by pressing a switch and having a little motor or whatever do it. I think shooting in live view the Fujii is way better because it doesn't have to flip a mirror up to focus and shoot.

    I was surprised that a Nikon P510 would allow you to shoot indoors using the Automatic White Balance setting and the camera would produce pretty good colors. If you raise the Nikon ISO above 200 though, you get noticeable noise in the image and the Nikon also won't automatically turn on the view finder when you put your eye to it but you have to press a button, which I found quite frustrating.
  • Alja Isakovic - An excellent overview of contextual technologyThe book guides your through different areas of life where contextual technologies will change the way we live and work with a lot of practical examples. Even as somebody who follows the tech closely, I found several exciting new technologies and companies I wasn't yet aware of. I also appreciated the behind the scenes info from various companies in the field. A must read if you want to get a feeling of what's in store for us in the next 5 years or so.
  • Hindsight - Good StuffAlthough I think the book was written from the slant of someone with a more healthy relationship foundation, the book helped me in many ways and I'd recommend it. I'd caution men to strive to comprehend the concepts rather than the particulars and to adapt the concepts to their situation. The book is written from an almost anthropological point of view and while X may be true of women in general, there will be much variance in how any given man interprets and applies X. So for example Bob tries to implement X and introduces behavior that seems so out of context to Sally that it she's more confused and hence distracted trying to figure it out then the intended result. There's a lot of good stuff though, and it helped me feel a connection / fellowship with others which raised my spirits. In essence, this book is intelligent "guy talk" for guys that have become so over domesticated they've lost the abilitity to think like a guy.