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  • Perboir Moreira Filho "music lover" - Rush hour, Rush time, Rush era!The meaning of "power trio" is this: RUSH. A long time ago, some decades to be precise, I discovered this band. How could only three skinny guys from Canada play so loud? As mentioned by Jack Black in the documentary "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage" released in 2010, the opening track of that first album is a killer song. And I agree. As for this concert, which I had the chance to experience when they came to Sao Paulo, Brazil, it is espectacular! Professionalism taken to the extreme level, with a generous amount of light and sound! Experience the RUSH hour. Better, make it almost three hours and be delighted. This DVD is a must buy.
  • Amanda - I'm happy!Bought these a little while ago. Was worried I wouldn't be able to swallow the pills but it was no problem.

    They seemed to help curb my appetite as promised. I've lost weight but can't be sure it was all down to these pills but they seemed to help and I've lost weight so I've got to be happy.

    I'd be happy to order again if I pile on the pounds - although I hope I stay as I am!
  • BookWorm - My hair loves WEN! I love this particular scentI've Ben using WEN for years now and my hair as never been healthier or prettier - except when I was younger and didn't have stubborn grays or frequent coloring to hide said grays. I do get cheap sometimes and try other cleansing conditioners, or new shampoos that make extravagant promises but my hair always rebels and responds only to WEN. All WEN products make my hair happy, but I'm not crazy about all the scents they offer. This scent is delicious and keeps smelling great, even if I go an extra day between cleansings (unlike one or two of the other scents). So, I wholeheartedly recommend this product and scent. My only reservation is the cost is pretty high... But that's partly overcome by being able to forego washing my hair everyday.
  • JustAThought - Amazing Saga!I have not been drawn into a futuristic novel like this in years! The author creates a completely seamless world that draws you in. The thing I like best is he told a human story... life, love, yearning for freedom. Thank you! I diwnloaded the next series "Shift Omnibus" witout even bothering to have a sample sent... something I almost never do.