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Washington Regional Medical Center: Health Care and Medical Services in Fayetteville, Arkansas - Washington Regional Medical Center offers superior health care in Northwest Arkansas including Fayetteville, Bentonville, Eureka Springs, Rogers and Springdale, AR


Country: North America, US, United States

City: Springdale, Arkansas

  • B. Levine "TheMacGuy" - Does what it needs to doProvides the parts and instructions needed to add a second hard drive to the mini. I added an SSD and it really did improve the speed of the unit. Do note, however, that this upgrade is very difficult as Apple has made it quite difficult to disassemble this item. Specifically, the WiFi and Bluetooth antenna wires are tough to detach without damaging them. Be extremely careful and do not attempt to remove the Bluetooth cable end by spreading the female portion on the motherboard; the "clip" sides will break.
  • Rafael Granado - Excellent productI bought it for my mom an since the first pill it worked great

    I would recomend it to any suffering for stomach problems
  • R. Hidalgo "becky" - Amazing debut novel.I mulled over reading this book for a bit thinking it wouldn't be something I would like. Last night I decided to give it a chance and here I sit 12 hours later writing a review.

    This book was amazing. It reminded me of "The Lovely Bones" a bit but only because it left me with the same kind of feelings. While reading, I got sucked in enough that I felt like I was Annie O'Sullivan. I was feeling everything she was feeling. Rarely does a book do that to me and I read a new book every 2 days.

    I think this book is a great read for a large range of readers. I wouldn't reccommend it to the YA crowd, but pretty much everyone else.
    There is a little Horror, a lot of Suspense and everything in between. No one should ever have to go through what Annie O'Sullivan went though, but we all know that real life isn't far off. Thats what makes this book so scary. Once can only hope that Stevens continues to write now that she has gotten off to a great start.
  • Rodger Princeton - Great system. True next Gen. 1080p / 60FPS Games Post powerful game console. doesn't force you to spend extra on camera.So Far I love the PS4. I was really impressed by how high the resolution is. I have a 75" TV so high resolution is important to me.
    Interface is Insanely fast, the whole system boots up in just a few seconds.
    the PS Store is also 20x faster then the PS3 version.. loads right up
    If you have a vita on the same network you can play your ps4 through that as well.
    You can play games right off the discs and the system will manger your data for you so you don't have to worry about running out of room even if your all digital person.. it will just remove games you have not played in a while automatically and you can re download those games at anytime.

    I like the fact they don't force you to buy a camera that you may never use. but it is available if you want it.
    has all your favorite streaming services like Amazon instant video, Netflix. Redbox streaming.

    I played CoD Ghosts and it was silky smooth all the way through.
    Resogun is a real surprise. if you are a PS+ member you can play this game for free. Extremely addicting and fun.
    the online network is also Much improved, and doesn't littler your screen with ads like the competition.

    98% of all games on the system run at 1080p which is important for true next gen.
    Most powerful gaming console on the market currently.
    system updates will keep it current with the times and add many more features in the future.
  • Jacob - Don't See Whats Up With All the HateI recently switched from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro. My laptop has good specs, having an Intel i3 Processor, 6gb of ram, and a SSD. Windows 8 boots to the login screen from the BIOS screen in about 6 seconds with another 5 seconds to log on. The metro apps are a nice addition to the UI. Many people don't like the new start menu. I personally love it. I feel as if I get more done with it. If you don't like it there are plenty of alternatives. And it is also much faster than Windows 7. Opening programs takes about half as much time. The compatibility is also amazing with components.