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  • Chris Jarman - Definitely lives up to its name. High quality product.I bought this for my wife after worrying for a long time about the potential effects of her [very loud] hair dryer on her hearing. I was a bit skeptical about how quiet the Centrix really is until I saw the videos mentioned on YouTube. It absolutely lives up to the billing: it is very quiet, but also very powerful, particularly when you install the nozzle (the nozzle boosts the air velocity by constricting the flow). My wife is very happy with it and raves about how much better it is than her previous hair dryer. This isn't some "gimmick" hair dryer. It seems to be very high quality construction, and again: the noise reduction is significant.

    The only potential issue to be aware of is the rather large size of the fan and motor unit. The side view doesn't reveal this, but the unit is definitely larger than typical dryers. This isn't a big deal, but it does mean that the dryer might not fit in a bathroom drawer or in your carry on luggage. But in my opinion, the significantly reduced noise coupled with the overall high quality of this product more than offsets any concerns about size.

    All in all, I definitely recommend this hair dryer to anyone concerned about the ear piercing shrill of traditional hair dryers. This thing is awesome.
  • Ariani - great tablet more than i expectedIt does everything I need ; entertainment, reader, notes, and great audio the nearEst audio from all devices....and you should definitely join the amazon prime...it's amazing click any book you want (almost all sin has fee) and read for free the same for movies tv shows. And you will appreciate the wide bezel. You can hold the tablet with on hand without touching the screen (iPad mini and google nexus have to narrow of bezel ) plus you can upload data straight to device via the usb cable
  • "cobsterino" - Clearly one of the best Floyd albumsWhen listening to Animals, one sees society through 3 different types of people: Dogs, Pigs, and Sheep. These are meant to represent different classes in society, and Roger Waters' lyrics portray this in a musical masterpiece. Aside from the genious lyrical content, the CD is filled with Gilmour's atmospheric guitar work (in songs like Dogs, and Pigs: Three Different Ones) which keeps the listener buzzing with anticipation of the next riff. If you've never listened to Pink Floyd, this is THE CD to get. From the gentle strumming of Pigs On The Wing to the fast-paced rythm of Sheep, this CD will definetly get you thinking, as well asusing your CD player more often.
  • Thomas Buttonfield - Clay is as good and author as a speakerI had the opportunity to hear Clay speak at a recent event in Boston. I immediately knew that I wanted to read more about his point of view on technology trends after he was five minutes into his speech on technology and social tools. He uses real-life analogies to explain why some technolgy ventures fail, or succeed. However, sometimes they fail or succeed for very different reasons than their creators imagined they would. This book is about the power of social tools and the groups that form because of them. It changed my outlook forever on the power of social tools and which groups might form when new technologies are adopted at a massive scale. His take on the Power Law Distribution also changed my point of view on how I thought these tools scaled.

    This is an easy, and fun read that is packed with terrific insight about what is possible when you least expect it. I highly recommend buying this book.
  • Eric Gonzalez - Sweat . . . BLOCKED!Believe me, I was just as skeptical about this product as the rest of you. I have tried everything in the book on stopping excess sweat and hyperhidrosis. Clinical strength antiperspirants, all natural antiperspirants, blah blah blah. Every single one failed. Sweat Block is the real deal. After one application I did not have excess sweat in my armpits for a full week and two days!!! I did sweat under there, but only when working out at the gym, and even the sweat that occurred while I wasn't working out didn't accumulate enough to stain my shirt. It feels good to be able to lift my arms without fear of embarrassment for the first time in a very long time. Trust me, this will work for you.
    Now it does smell a bit funny, and you MUST follow the directions in order for it to work. But it does work. If you have tried all the bulls#@t clinical stuff and you want something that works, Sweat Block works.